Indult Mass in SSPX chapel?

The priests of SSPX would need to have their suspension lifted by the Vatican before a bishop could grant them faculties. I’m sure there are instances of a SSPX priest approaching a bishop and the bishop assisting him in regularizing him with the Church and then granting him faculties.

To the original poster: The bishop would need to give permission for the indult Mass to be held in an SSPX chapel. I seriously doubt that any bishop would grant such permission. It would seem that even if the priest is in union with Rome and has permission from the Ecclesia Dei commission to say the 1962 Missal, he still needs permission from the bishop who, as I said, would never grant such permission.

That’s not accurate. The SSPX uses the 1962 missal. It’s the SSPV and some of the independent priests that use the earlier missal.

No. This was an instance of a bishop granting permission to the SSPX in his diocese to conduct the Indult mass. If I remember the story correctly the bishop was an older, “tell it like it is” type of bishop in a very remote part of Italy and he commended the SSPX for remaining Catholic.

The story later disappeared off the media. I’m guessing that the bishop was chastised in some way.

gerardp…i do believe you are in error about the 1962 missal of pope john xxiii. this missal as well as the later versions have been and continue to be rejected by pius x.
last sunday, while in attendance i was able to follow the priest in my father stedman’s missal published before 1953 verbatum. have a good year. (alih):thumbsup:

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