Indult? Novus Ordo Missae? Explain Please

I’ve heard the term Indult. Can you please explain this to me?
As well, can you explain I think its spelt Novus Ordo?
While I know alot about Catholicsm, I don’t know the english
terms of the Latin words. I appreciate the help! Sorry for my


An ‘Indult’ is permission by the Authority to do something that is normally either prohibited or outside the Normal way of doing things.

While most commonly refered to in Catholic conversations to refer to permission by the Bishop to say the Tridentine Latin Mass, other indults exist

For example, it is Normal procedure ( Norm) for deacons or priests alone to ‘purify’ or clean the vessells used at Mass.

But the US has an ‘Indult’ for lay people to do so if necessary.

Special permission to do what is otherwise prohibited…

“Novus Ordo” or “New Order” is a common, though incorrect, term for the Pauline Mass Mass, the Missal created after Vatican II under the auspices of Pope Paul VI.
The latest version of that Missal is the 2000 Missal (3rd Edition), but the translation of that from Latin is still in progress, so the US is still using the 1975 Missal (Missa Romanum 2nd Edition -1975)

Hi, Marilena,

I am no expert either, but I will try to answer your questions:

Here is a link to a very thorough explanation of the term Papal Indult. In short, it is an exception granted to individual Bishops to do something that is contrary to the Common Law. Most often, it is used here to refer to the limited allowance for the celebration of the Mass according to the earlier Missal. “Tridentine” is the term most often used to describe this earlier Mass, since it is most closely associated with the Council of Trent.

The Latin phrase “Novus Ordo” translates in English as “New Order”. It is an unofficial term commonly used to describe the current Missal. Other terms you will see used as in place of “Novus Ordo” are “Pauline” and “Normative”.

Pope John Paul II issued a Papal Indult that granted permission for Bishops to provide the Tridentine Mass to the faithful of their Dioceses as an option to the Normative Mass. As a result, in many Dioceses, there may be one or even many of such Indult Masses.

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