infalibillity question

So if a pope says In virtue of Our apostolic authority/by Our apostolic authority we decree and declare(…) the following decree is infallible right? So could another pope use his same apostolic authority to rescind that decree?

No Pope has ever done that. If it’s Infallible, then it cannot be changed. The Holy Spirit protects the Church from ever teaching error. That’s why we can always trust the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. God Bless, Memaw

Only if he’s defining an issue of faith or morals. If he is using his apostolic authority to institute a new religious order, that would be an example of something that could change. A future pope could use the same apostolic authority to suppress the order, if he wanted. And that’s just an example. Any matter of discipline can be fixed by apostolic authority and then relaxed by the same authority in the future.

Infallibility does not cover discipline. Discipline is another matter entirely. That can be change by the Pope. I did say if it’s Infallible. God Bless, Memaw

Not necessarily. But if it’s a matter of faith and morals (Doctrine on the Trinity, Christ’s Presence in the Eucharist…) which the whole faithful are obliged to accept, then yes.

So could another pope use his same apostolic authority to rescind that decree?

If it’s an infallible teaching? No, that would not be possible because a Truth can never become untrue, nor can an untruth become Truth. Something is either true or not.

Also, the Pope has to be speaking to the whole Church. If a pope wrote something only for a single bishop, or a synod, and declared something invoking apostolic authority in that writing, it would not be an infallible declaration because one of the conditions for infallibility is, it has to be a message for the whole Church.

And to clarify this point even further, “whole Church” includes past, present, and future, the Church militant, the Church suffering, and the Church triumphant.

you misunderstood what the Papal infailbility is, it is used for dogmas like Virgin Mary’s virginity. it is just the ability to say that something is true and be 100% sure, not the ability to change the truth.

Papal Infallibility covers a lot more than just defining dogmas. No it will never change the Truth . God Bless, Memaw

How is it that Protestants attack the Catholic doctrine of infallibility of Catholic teachings?

Do they not believe their own teachings are infallibly true?

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