Infallibly confirmed scripture

I was reading through some old posts and the writer stated:

There are only 12 ‘passages’ from Scripture which the Catholic Church has infallibly confirmed the principal prophecy.

Can someone confirm this? And if so could you please direct me to the 12 passages and their interpretations.

Thank you

I have never heard anything like this. I do not think the Church has infallibly confirmed any biblical prophecies (although I am not even sure what is meant by that).

Cite the posts…

I was reading some older posts and this was the one post I came across:

It caught my attention and got me curious but it was his follow up post that made me want to post the question, he seems confident in the 12 verses so just wanted some more info:

Thanks for any info I can get on this

I would suggest contacting rcwitness directly to see what he/she was referring to.

I have heard this before. I think even on CA radio. For instance John 6 is not open for interpretations that are contrary to defined dogma. There are few Scriptures that have been given an official interpretation. However, having said that just because something has not been infallibly defined does not mean the Church doesn’t read passages a certain way. And there are many dogmas and doctrines that use Scripture as support. So it is all intertwined.

I’m not sure about the number “12”

Here are two sites to check out:

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I don’t believe this. You really have to cite Church documents to support this rather than simply quote the comments of a poster.

Yes, I wasn’t to sure about it either. That’s why I said:

Thanks Patrick.

I really liked that second link. :thumbsup:

Yea, when I came across it sometime ago, I was caught by surprise.:slight_smile:

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