Infant baptism analogy:


Some months back i went on a marriage weekend with my wife through her church. while there i heard people speaking of when they “came to christ” .
Listening to all these people something came to me - Just cause my daughter could not say my name on the day she was born did not make her anyless my daughter. People who adopt babies in due time call this child there’s. What of God who longs for us to call him Abba. Why wait then?

Over time she has learned to call my daddy.:smiley:


A terrific insight!! :thumbsup:


I’d never thought if it like that before, and that’s a very good way of putting it… thank you and God bless


I am so going to pose this question to my friend who is against infant baptism. Thanks!


I think the typical Protestant response to the analogy would be that biological parent-child relationships are determined by a genetic relationship and thus exists at birth. On the Protestant view, the Christian’s relationship with God is one of adoption, not birth (e.g., Galatians 4:3-7), and is initiated by the conduct of the believer rather than by accident of birth. So most Protestants would not view an analogy to biological parenthood to be compelling. But I appreciate the thought, and the powerful sentiments you express in your message.




My daughters are adopted but neither could tell you the day of her adoption. They were less than a month old when adopted.


Understood, Joe, but they weren’t adopted by you on the basis of their expressions of faith, based upon intellectual assent to certain understandings. This is what Protestants view the adoption into the family of God as being based on. That couldn’t really be done at less than a month of age.



But then the question arises of the paralytic man who’s friend brought him to Jesus. The man could not come under his own power, so it is his friends who told him what happened.

If you believe in the stain of original sin it makes sense.

It’s like the analogy of a child born sick. Will you wait for the child to say take me to the doctor, or would you do all you could to carry them there yourself.

As far as adoption goes my daughter had an insight when she was 5, the purpose of our lives is to give them back to God. The purpose of our children whether adopted or natural is to bring them to God also.


ah, this reminds me the great example of the faith of a community.



And also the faith of the family a trinitarian family.:slight_smile:


Ah, But they were placed up for adoption by their birth parents in hope of a better life for them (on the faith of their parents). Just like we do in baptism. We give them to the Lord. So the analogy still applies.



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