Infant Baptism Classes

My wife and I just welcomed our 4th child into our family. Our first three were baptized in the Catholic church and we want the 4th to be as well. Our issue is that the timing of the baptism classes is conflicting with our schedules.

This begs the question, why is it required that parents take the infant baptism class for every child. The videos and materials haven’t changed since we took our first class.

In my parish, it is only required for prior to the baptism of the first child.

Ask the pastor about it. It doesn’t make sense that you should have to repeat the class for every child.


Gotta be honest…I don’t remember any classes.

I think my wife was given a book with the last one and she had to meet with the priest but I don’t remember anything more than that.

My parish only requires it for every 5 years ish?

Mine too. Same with the other parent classes for other sacraments.

Talk with your pastor.

The parish has to count on people wanting their children baptized but having little to no idea what baptism really means. While a short class won’t make them experts, it will at least give them a hint about what the Church believes. There is always room for exceptions for families that are already informed.

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Ask Father if there is something else you can do (if he’s not willing to exempt you).

For example, watching the Sacramental prep series “Reborn” at home on and using the workbook to guide discussions with your spouse.

Good luck & God Bless


Here classes are only required for the first child or first time godparents.

Also, we use FORMED “Reborn” for the classes, you watch the videos on your phone or tablet at your own pace then schedule a single visit with DRE (she works it around your schedule).

Baptism classes are not required at all, canonically speaking. Whatever your parish does is either at its own discretion or at the direction of the diocese.

I suggest you make an appointment with the pastor and voice your concerns and ask him to let you forego the classes.


At the parish in town, it’s “required” that registered parishioners let the church know of the baptismal request in the 2nd trimester of the pregnancy and start the classes then and lasting to the baptism…ya.

These are all questions for your Priest. Congratulations!

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Yeah, my parish is a “paperwork” classic also, need to take classes for each child. Though, sure there are allowances through the Pastor about things like this. Would seem easy enough to have the Pastor waive the requirement as it’s your 4th.

Best of luck and safe travels!

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