Infant Baptism in a Schismatic Catholic Church

Is a child considered to be validly baptized in the Catholic Church if the child was baptized in a schismatic Catholic Church?
I’m not sure of the terminology, valid, licit, etc. I’m just trying to find out if the child is truly considered baptized and is the baptism recognized as Catholic?
I don’t believe that the church is sedevacantist, but they call themselves an “independent Catholic Church” and are not part of the local Diocese.
Actually, are any sacraments offered at this Church considered valid? I believe all the priests were ordained in the usual way, but then left their parishes to serve at this Traditional Church. They wanted to do the Tridentine Mass only.

Thank you for any help.


The child is validly baptized assuming the proper form is followed. But not “in the Catholic Church”.

Thank you for your reply. However, I’m still a bit confused then. If the child is baptized but not “in the Church,” does that mean the child is considered a Christian, but not Catholic?
And, can the child be baptized again in a Catholic Church?

Thank you for any help.:slight_smile:


yes the child would be Baptized but the Child is not a member of the Catholic Church. Just as an Anglican can be Baptized but isn’t a member of the Catholic Church.

You only need to be Baptized once. You would only be re-Baptized if there was some question of the 1st Baptism was done incorrectly.

The further the point of the poster right before me, no, the child cannot be baptized again to become Catholic. There is one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. As long as the child received the Trinitarian formula, the baptism is considered valid. To become Catholic, he or she would simply go catechism classes at the appropriate age.


In order for the child to be a Catholic, one of two things would need to happen:

(a) The parents would have to come forward and publicly declare their intent that the child be Catholic (i.e. in Mass) and the child’s sacramental records would then be created. A child below the age of reason can be brought into full communion with the Catholic Church by an act of their parents. If they had already received all sacraments of initiation (i.e, Orthodox converting to Catholic) then they are fully initiated and that is it. If they do not have all the sacraments of initiation, they would receive them at the appropriate time as other Catholic children.

(b) The child/adult, after reaching the age of reason or beyond, would make their own profession of faith and be received into the Church by the priest. If they had validly received all the sacraments of initiation they they are fully intitiated. If they do not, they should be confirmed and receive the eucharist when they make their profession of faith or shortly thereafter (i.e. RCIA process).

Baptism is not repeatable. Once validly baptized, that’s it.

There is a bit more to it than that.

Yes, I realize, but didn’t think I needed to go into all of those details.

Thank you all. I’m not sure if the child received the Trinitarian formula or not. I’d have to find out. You’ve all been very helpful! :slight_smile:


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