Infant Baptism question


Hello friends. My daughter was recently baptized into the Church. At our parish we have a priest from India and English names are kind of hard for him. When he asked us to name her we replied Makayla Anne. I dont know if he couldn't pronounce Makayla but through the rest of the baptism he called her Anne. I was wondering if it mattered that he used her middle name instead of her first? We call her Makayla and it says Makayla Anne on her baptism certificate.


No, it does not matter at all. It has no impact on the validity of the baptism if that is what you are asking.


It may be that he didn't recognize "Makayla" as a saint name and preferred to refer to her by the name of a saint for the purpose of baptism. In some cultures, the given name and baptismal name are different, so this is what he may have expected.

Since "Makayla" is a feminine form of "Michael", there would have been no problem even if this was his reason, but he did not have time to find out.


In my family, the middle name is always your baptismal name. So maybe his culture has a similar tradition. Then your confirmation name is placed 3rd, your maiden name or name in your order next, etc. Till you die.

So my wife's name is
*] [First Name]
*] [Baptismal Name]
*] [Confirmation Name]
*] [Maiden name]
*] [Name in the Order of Carmel Discalced Secular (OCDS) ]
*] [My last name]


Thanks everyone. I have only been part of the Catholic faith for 2 years. I have only seen one infant baptism so far and I wasn’t close enough to hear. I didn’t think to ask the priest as it was the good fathers first baptism and I think he was a little nervous. Thanks again.


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