Infant in the confessional?

So, I want to go to confession this Saturday, but my wife will be working and unable to care for our four month old son, Noah.

Can I simply bring him into the confessional with me? Obviously if he were older, it’d be inappropriate but at four months I doubt he’d be able to comprehend anything.


That should be no problem.

From experience… There is usually a kind lady waiting in line for confession who is more then willing to watch children while their parent goes to confess…

If not, I’m sure you could take the little guy into the confessional with you ???

A 4 month old doesn’t understand so it’s fine to take the little one in:)

You can bring your baby into the confessional. It is allowed and acceptable. The only reason you might not is if he were being very fussy (i.e., screaming, crying, or squirming a lot) and you thought it’d be a distraction to either you or the priest. If that’s the case, you could probably ask someone else in line (if you knew them or could see them easily) to supervise for a couple of minutes, or else get a babysitter for the morning.

God bless.

Bring the baby in. It would be way too distracting to hand em off to a stranger. Or even someone you know who he is not used too. Hopefully he is not being fussy. You may have to postpone if that is the case.

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