Infant is world's first to have three biological parents


It sounds like the setup of a wacky science fiction comedy, but this is actually real life. A five-month old baby boy was just revealed to be the first kid in the world with three biological parents, according to New Scientist. The infant was created by a technique that has only been legally approved in the UK, and it lets parents with genetic disorders have healthy babies. The study is believed to fast track progress in the field, and is the latest in a series of advances in genetic science we’ve seen recently.


I feel sorry for that poor child. He didn’t choose this. :frowning:


No child chooses to be conceived. That said, human genetic engineering makes me more than a little uncomfortable.


Jesus, You can come back anytime, hopefully soon.


Um… I think a major wtf is warranted here.


This technology has been long in coming. It was extensively discussed in the UK prior to its legalization.

I give the Jordanian couple credit for insisting on a version of the technology which doesn’t require destroying embyros. However, of the five embryos which were created, four of them didn’t develop correctly. Whether those four embryos died on their own or whether they were killed, the news articles do not say.

Contrast this with the medical history of the couple. Before this procedure, they had four miscarriages, and two children both who died at a young age from a genetic disease. The procedure which was recently done promises to avoid passing down that genetic disease to the children which are born so they can live full lives.

If the technique can be fine-tuned so that no embryos are destroyed, and all embryos develop normally, is this new procedure a bad thing?


You feel sorry for the “poor child” to have a life with 3 parents when some have only one or none if their parents have passed on and the child is left an orphan? Or on a Catholic forum where abortion is such a prevailing topic, you feel sorry that this “poor child” has been given life? :confused:


I heard about this a few months ago, and the way I understood it, the technology is not limited to the number of biological parents, so if a group of 15 people wanted to have a child, they could do it and the baby would have 15 biological parents.

Pretty scary imo, Im almost shocked a living breathing baby is the result, I wouldve thought God would step in and not allow such a thing to happen, but I guess not.


How may embryos will be destroyed during the “fine tuning”? Even if it was 100% guaranteed to not destroy an embryo, it is still removes the procreation from the marital act which is against church teaching.

What is wrong with adopting a child that needs a home if the couple had such trouble? Admittedly I have no idea what it is like to be in that situation but it seems like adoption is a better option then having a scientist genetically engineer your child.


From what I read, one of the original techniques involved destroying two embryos. The parents objected and another method was used that kept both parents related but prevented a fatal disease from being passed on to her baby (her first two children inherited said disease and have since passed away).

I see this as a good thing.


All humans deserve the dignity of being created through the loving embrace of husband and wife.

When we take that from them, they’ve been handed a grave injustice.




:thumbsup: What else can one say ?Even if we could make a difference which we cannot


Yes. It is evil.


People playing God again. Sad indeed.


The media is being…the media as usual.

What they are calling a “3 Parent baby” is a little off, perhaps because it raises this idea of taking your genetic code and splicing it with someone elses.

What -actually- got done is the replacement of Mitochrondrial DNA.

I’m assuming for those already into adulthood or in college that Basic Biology 101 was part of your general education.

If so , you will remember that the DNA sequences that make up who you are come from/are housed in the Nucleus of the Cell. Swap a set of genes out from your chromosomal DNA, and I can change your Height, Skin color, Eyes, perhaps even so far as ability to take in abstract pieces of information.

The Mitochondrial DNA is housed in… the Mitochondria.

All it codes for is the reproduction of the Mitochondria in the next generation - ie: your kids.

And the primary function of Mitochondria does is:

Create energy for the Cell to utilize in the form of NADH and FADH2

That is it. All MtDNA codes for is essentially a biological Power Plant in your cells…

From what I understand, the mother of the child is a recessive carrier for Leigh Syndrome -

…which to oversimplify - means her MtDNA cannot produce a viable “Power Plant” for her progenies cells.

So all they did was - to oversimplify again - is swap out her MtDNA (again, not the form of DNA that determines characteristics/traits of a human being - that’s housed in Nucleus of the cell) for one that works.


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