Infernal Works

At what point would I be culpable for what could be deemed as an “infernal work”?

To make money on the side, I’ve been writing short stories in the horror genre. No blasphemy or such, just your typical ghost’n’goblin type stories. Someone hinted to me that I shouldn’t write such things, but I’m not offending God, it’s just supernatural type things. Is this bad or sinful? I can’t figure it out.

Then talk to your pastor, not strangers on the Internet.


  1. Not every parish priest is accessible.

  2. People ask a lot more obvious things and don’t get such comments. If you have nothing positive to offer, then don’t reply at all.

I don’t think there’s anything strictly immoral about writing horror fiction, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with doing some writing on the side to make some money (Unless you have a contractual clause which forbids it…)

So long as you’re not glorifying the occult then you should be fine. What sort of stories are you writing (a bit more specific than supernatural)?

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