Infertility, A Spiritual Journey - Part 4


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I worked in a company in a protestant town in Northern Ireland. A lot of my colleagues were Protestant.

When I chatted with my protestant friends over lunch and told them about my infertility and that I would not be going for IVF, one of them said to me ..
. this is ridiculous - so if I , a protestant woman, should have IVF as my protestant church allows it ... should die and go before God that I will not be condemned but because You are catholic, You would be condemned. There is only one God.

Another Protestant friend Jackie was there at that time as well. She told me about the 16 frozen embryo's that she had that she could decide to be implanted into her womb at any time, She had been implanted before but her pregnancies had never gone full term.

A few days later, she came to me with an article from a newspaper saying that she was thinking about my predicament , that I could not have IVF and she found the article in the paper- It referred to the Napro technique. Napro - Natural Procreation is a totally natural fertility programme which is based around understanding the body and its natural cycles. This was twice now that Napro had been mentioned to me so I decided to act. I enrolled with a Napro fertility consultant, got the information DVD's and the bio charting and the details of the programme. We attended a few of the meetings and I started to chart my cycle. However I lost interest in it .

About 2 months later, we shared lunch again.. my protestant friend and I and she told me about how down she was feeling . I told her that I had followed up on the newspaper report and had got all the information about the NAPRO technique..I said to her.. You take it , I am not using it and so I gave her all of the information I had.

About 2 months later news spread around the office that Jackie was pregnant. At first I was jealous and felt cheated thinking she has had another baby implanted. Eventually after a few days, I picked myself up and went to congratulate her . She said to me - this is because of you - I asked her what did she mean , having forgotten that I had given her information. She said that the baby was not IVF, that the baby was naturally conceived . She and her husband had used and learned from the Napro information and within a month she was pregnant.

I was delighted for her, - Jackie later went on to give birth to a little girl called Eva. This was the first pregnancy that had gone well and full term for Jackie. Praise be to God.

I still could not help wonder, what will happen to those 16 frozen babies now ?

I did not return to Napro treatment after that. I guess God just had ordained me to give Jackie what she needed for her prayers to be answered. Gods wisdom is infinite and It was nice for God to use me to help someone else.:)

(part 5 will continue on separate thread)


this is an interesting series, but why are you making separate threads for each part? It clogs up the message board, and could be consolidated into separate posts, not separate threads


Oh lay off.

It’s different topics of the same story. The OP would do well to post one at a time (maybe once a week) but each seem to have solid questions within them.


[quote="purplesunshine, post:3, topic:248782"]
Oh lay off.


yeah, my suggestion was totally unreasonable :rolleyes: message boards don't work the same as releasing a new chapter of a novel every week in a newspaper, and there's nothing wrong with pointing that out


Hi Chi Ro and Purple

First of all, Thank You for reading my postings, I am new to the forums, having registered here years ago and have been inactive for a long time. I did not understand the difference between Threads and Postings. I apologise for this.

  • I came to this site years ago as somebody trying to deal with infertility - I came here searching for Hope and for how to carry this cross. I have often since then meant to return and to tell my full story complete with the happy ending. Today I got the opportunity.

This is not a novel or a newspaper journal. This is the story of my miracle.These are real events in my life and I hope sharing them will give people hope that Nothing is impossible to God. Yes each bite sized portion of my postings are topical in their own right and raise important questions -This is not just a catalogue about infertility - It talks about faith and morals, about Spirituality and about the presence of God even in our troubles

I am sorry that I am posting these all at once. I guess I just want to get it all put down on paper at once - call it The Holy Spirit, There is a character limit to texts - i could not put them all on the one posting and there is so much i wanted to tell so hence the bite sized seperate threads.

Please bear with me . Please allow me to tell the story and focus on the story. I will try and get everything crammed into two more postings … then you dont ever have to hear from me again and your message board will not be so crammed by my 6 or 7 threads.

I dont know if you are familiar with infertility or have friends or family members who know this pain. If you are I am sure you would understand why I would want to tell of my miraculous story and allow people to be blessed by it.

If you are not familiar with this, then I can only respectfully ask for your patience and tolerance. May God Bless You


[quote="ChiRho, post:4, topic:248782"]
yeah, my suggestion was totally unreasonable :rolleyes: message boards don't work the same as releasing a new chapter of a novel every week in a newspaper, and there's nothing wrong with pointing that out


How about pm'ing her instead of calling her out and answering the question posed?

Op. We must trust Gods mercy over our sins. Those babies are alive....and will eventually be murdered. Depending on the mothers knowlege her culpibility will be how she is judged by God.


[quote="purplesunshine, post:6, topic:248782"]
How about pm'ing her instead of calling her out and answering the question posed?


You must have a very thin skin if you think that is being "called out".

Serene, I look forward to the next part in your series


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