Infertility and Ovulation drugs


Has anybody here ever tried Gonal? And if so, did it help you? Does insurance usually cover it and how often do you inject yourself within one cycle?

Thanks for the feedback!


Hi Lucky!

I have tried gonal f, sadly without positive end results, but we did end up having very large, healthy follicles, all in which ovulated.

There are about 13 states in which require health plans to cover medications like this for follicle stimulation, and I am fortunate to work for a company who is headquartered out of one of them. Other than these exceptions, insurance plans rarely pay for these medicines.

However there IS hope, as always! Talk to your dr, many doctors have a program where women donate their un-used injectibiles for the dr to sell at low cost or give.

My husband and I have been struggling with infertility for about 4 years, if you would like to talk, even ifjust to vent to someone who understands, I would be happy to chat/listen.

May Gods plan for you include a baby soon!


You are so sweet. Prayers going up for you as well. Have you tried the Creighton Method?


My mother is a teacher, and we all are on her insurance, and I know that several of her friends at school have had all of their fertility treatments covered with like $15 co-pays. It’s the law in my state.

I also suggest looking into acupuncture. I know of several women who’ve been helped by it both with and without mainstream fertility treatments.


Make sure they check for unicoruate uterus. I was dx after having two children. Now we know why it took so long, they weren't looking for it.


"i was dx..."

What does that mean?


Dx = "diagnosed"


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