Infertility poll-Multiple choice


I just wanted to see what kind of numbers we had here, since this is obviously not an infertility board, but so many of us seem to have issues.

Please choose all answers that apply to you.

Drat! I wanted to ask about adoption too, but ran out of room. So, did you decide to adopt after finding out about your infertility?


At this point, unexplained infertility. We haven’t done a lot of testing though, so that’s where we’re at now. Thanks for the poll! Should be interesting to see the results.


Unexplained infertility for us. We adopted two daughters.


Umm… Wasn’t tested but kinda obvious since I am 44 that we are having probs… didn’t know how to vote.


Secondary infertility isn’t on the list either. After 2 beautiful living children and several miscarriages, we have simply moved on. Age is a factor now too.


I wasn’t sure what to mark.

I had PCOS- was told I couldn’t conceive, did (on lots and lots of fertility drugs) but miscarried baby.

Went to PPVI, had a wedge resection (no more PCOS :smiley: ) but developed adhesions that prevented us from getting pregnant.

Had surgery again to remove adhesions, but still haven’t gotten pregnant.



I am in the treatment but no preg stage right now, both male and female IF. Hoping next cycle is better.


40 months infertility, no tests or treatments pursued, one miscarried child in heaven (that we know of) and none here on earth.


Yeah, I thought of that too. Only had 10 choices on the poll.

Well, I better tell what I voted. I am diagnosed, but only after 8 years. We pursued tx, medication for both the problem, PCOS, and for ovulation. I took clomid, and my DS was conceived on it, but then it never worked again, so DD was without meds, except for my metformin for PCOS. And we adopted between those two. Probably won’t pursue any further treatment except to go back on the metformin, since it helps all my other symptoms too.


Possible PCOS, hormone issues, irregular cycles, tipped uterus. Endocrinologist prescribed metformin; afraid to take it due to side effects. Married 8 years, childless. Sometimes think about adopting, but it’s too expensive, too stressful, still it’s not ruled out. Doctors say it is possible I could become pregnant naturally, but it hasn’t happened. What bothers me is the in-laws thinking my husband and I don’t have kids because we’re selfish with careers or we just don’t like children, or as the same sister-in-law put it “don’t you guys know how to have sex?!” (I forgive her, btw). But honestly, the in-laws are more irritating than any infertility problem. My husband have decided to let things happen naturally, and if we become pregnant, then great, if not, then fine- God’s will be done either way :).


Used clomid after 6 months of trying. Result: DD.
4 years later: miscarriage.
3.5 yeas later: surgery (ovarian drilling), pregnancy, miscarriage
1 year later: surgery (wedge resection and removal of endometriosis)
6 months later: sugery (removed adhesions–still dealing with them)
Last 9-10 months: use various drugs (clomid, HCG) when DH and I are together as I do not reliably rupture follicles even when it appears that I have ovulated. (Currently waiting to see this cycle–not expecting it though)
In the future: may consider further surgery because of the pain I have been dealing with since my surgeries. Still, because of the other issues that were resolved, I am happy that we had the surgeries even if they do not result in more pregnancies.

Adoption: We looked into adoption and started the process several years ago, but the army moved us before we were able to complete the process. It is a question of timing with DH’s deployments to go through the application.


I was diagnosed with Luteal Phase Defect…basically, I require big doses of progesterone to achieve implantation. I ovulate normally and concieve VERY quickly, I now know, but without taking progesterone I will miscarry before my period is even missed without ever knowing it. We went 8 years before my diagnosis…concieved on the first try with progesterone. Had a baby girl (now 4 yo) :extrahappy: . Concieved on our very next try, another baby girl (now 2yo) :dancing: . It took two attempts to concieve number 3…a baby boy (13 months old) :bounce: . I amazingly got pregnant, again, when my baby boy was 6 months old…suprise :eek: :yup: :extrahappy: …without taking progesterone. I rushed my OB and she tested my progesterone levels…my levels were VERY low and I was on the verge on miscarriage! Luckily, I hadn’t waited for the results, as she had recommended…I went against her advice and was popping progesterone the very day I found out I was pregnant! I did the right thing! My second baby boy is due in december!

I wish such blessings on all of you who are struggling with infertily.


wish you had included infertile but adopted your children.

I did have children but not biologically…



Infertile spouse, and didn’t believe adoption was our calling.


Um, yeah, if you read the initial post I asked about that, but said that I ran out of options on the poll itself. I too have an adopted daughter. :wink:


I have two beautiful children here on earth and three in heaven. I have a hard time conceiving and the last two times I have I have miscarried. I need to do start charting to see what is wrong.


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