Infertility, the military and Dr. Hilgers


I am looking for fellow patients of Dr. Hilgers who are in the military. I am working to get Tricare to accept my referral to him from out of region. Please let me know how it worked out for you. Were you able to see him from out of region? Did you stay Prime?


Who is Dr. Hilgers?


Hi, I’m not military, but…

Keep in mind that Dr. Hilgers does assessments without having to see him. He also has practitioners trained throughout the country (so you might want to look and see if one is in your region?). Even if he doesn’t see you, he can offer you treatment guidance and evaluation based on reviewing your charts and communicating with you personally.

Even if your insurance won’t cover it, he will assess your chart for a minimal fee (there are a couple options and only cost like $25 or $50) and offer his opinion. With his opinion will most likely come what course of action to take. If you can find a doctor in your area who is familar with his expertise and willing to follow his direction (or who has been trained by him and in napro technology), you’ll be set. Either way, you still have the right to request whatever tests he reccommends.

Good luck!


I haven’t tried to get them to approve Dr. Hilgers, but they have told me that I can’t visit an NFP doctor just up the road from us.

My NFP teacher told me that she had a client who did get Tri-Care to send her to Dr. Hilgers, but I don’t know how. I’ll try to remember to ask her about it.


Thanks for your posts. I was hoping to find someone with a good experience! It seems that I will have to reschedule my surgery with him from April to this summer. I hope that it will give me the time I need to fight this one through. I am praying that I don’t have to put it off until the army transfers us to the west side of the Mississippi!

Our local army hospital is setting up an in vitro clinic and they are none too happy at the thought of sending me elsewhere for someone to help in healing me. You have to love the infertility specialists who say, “I am trying to get you pregnant!” That phrase is as disgusting as they come from anyone other than my husband!


[quote=stadre]You have to love the infertility specialists who say, “I am trying to get you pregnant!” That phrase is as disgusting as they come from anyone other than my husband!

Ugh, that really is disgusting. My sister’s friend’s mother is an “infertility psychologist” who works at a clinic and really wanted me to come to her office and “explore” my hesitancy to “embrace” in-vitro. I was like, ummmm I’m not confused about why I don’t want to do in-vitro but thanks anyway.

If you go to, you can look up registered specialists who are trained in napro technology. It doesn’t appear that anyone practices in MS, but there are practitioners closer than Nebraska. (Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas). You could also call the institute and ask if there are any updates to the list and/or reccommendations for military personnel. I’m sure you aren’t the first military mother to request the expertise of Dr. Hilgers.

I would definitely encourage you to work with him or someone else who is trained, even long distance, because they will be instrumental in helping you get the right tests done and therefore the correct diagnosis. My non-trained doctors thought I was crazy when first requesting certain hormone tests and insisting they be done at various times in the month. When they finally gave in, it was like…oh, I guess this DOES indicate you have this, this and this. It took, I think, almost a year of ME knowing what I had until the diagnosis finally happened with slow-moving doctors.

I’ll pray things go well for you. :slight_smile:

You might also check out a book by Dr. Hilgers called “Women Healed.” I read that while waiting and waiting and waiting on doctors to get moving on what was wrong with me. It was very inspiring and once I started working with a trained doctor, I felt much more hopeful. And I got pregnant. :slight_smile:


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