Need sources of solid information…will be much appreciated.


Look into this.


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The best resources for infertility, including non-invasive treatments, is I have been a moderator there in the past, and it’s a wonderful site for peer and doctor-moderated support for infertility, miscarriage and adoption.

They are a secular organization, but there are many religious people there. I’ve seen many people who refuse treatment on religious grounds be welcomed with open arms there (my username is the same there).

I will say though, that it is not a place to judge others for their choices, and some couples are faced with issues like IVF and selective reduction. If you can coexist with that, then there is no better website on the planet on infertility.


If you are in southwest Illinois there is a great ob/gyn in St. Louis. His name is Dr. Michael Dixon. He is very good (he doesn’t even give prescriptions for contraception, helps women with NFP, and has even been known to pray with his patients during office visits) I’m sure he’d be happy to try to help with Catholic approved methods to acheive pregnancy.


Not sure what kind of information you are looking for exactly. The Catechism has wonderful information about the Church teachings regarding IVF, etc. A local Catholic Charities might provide great information regarding adoption. There is a wonderful Catholic OB/GYN in Omaha who specializes in the Creighton Method and treats women with infertility issues – Dr. Thomas Hilgers. He has been on Catholic Answers Live.

I went through inferfility, miscarriages and now have two beautiful adopted children. While infertility can be a very difficult time, trust in Our Lord and He will provide for you – in His Way, in His time; which is always much better than we could anticipate!


Dear reoman,

The Gift of Life (Donum Vitae) 1987: Instruction on Respect for Human Life In its Origin and the Dignity of Procreation: Replies to Certain Questions of the Day

Begotten Not Made: A Catholic View of Reproductive Technology

Pope Paul VI Institute: A National and International Center for the Study of Morally and Professionally Acceptable Reproductive Health Services

Uniformity with God’s Will by St. Alphonsus Liguori - online version
Uniformity with God’s Will by St. Alphonsus Liguori - paperback

The last recommendation, or something similar, is a must. It is the only way to have hope for peace with infertility.




[quote=reoman]Need sources of solid information…will be much appreciated.

In addition to what others have posted, I’d suggest and


[quote=reoman]Need sources of solid information…will be much appreciated.

If you’re anywhere near Chicago, contact the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University in Maywood. There are a couple of excellent OBGs there who are in touch with the Church’s teachings and make sure the treatments and approaches are spiritually sound.


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