Infidelity and our marriage


I need encouragement or something to ease the pain. My husband has been having an affair For at least a year now. I don't want our marriage to end. I am willing to try anything. He tells me he loves me, I'm his family but he isn't in love with me. He has agreed finally to attend retrovaille in july. He said he would go to marriage but we both kmow that unless he breaks all contact with her they won't see us. He refuses to stop. He said he comes home to me & the kids as a whole, but not for me. I believe we belong together. I believe in our promises to each other when we married (twice). I just don't know how to bring him back to us. I praying he won't completely leave before retrovaille. I struggle with my pain and keeping a brave face for our kids. I feel so alone.


Your in my prayers ma'am. There is a group for women under the group section that is for people who have to deal with infidelity. Perhaps you can join them for some support?

Again, your in my prayers.


I am so very sorry! :console: How excruciatingly painful this must be for you. I really don’t have any advice, but I will pray for you. God bless you dear. :hug3:


Thank you. Prayers are very welcomed and knowing I am heard helps. I plan to check out the group recommendation.


The pain is not easily taken away. I will pray for you.


thank you again for your prayers. we just returned from Retrouvaille. I am hopeful and exhausted. We plan to dialogue and attend post.


most of us will pray for u


I will also keep you and your family in my prayers. I’m in a similar situation right now, except I’m in the same boat as your husband. My wife just left me, because of my infidelity. I’m lost without them, (we have a 10 month old daughter & a baby on the way), but I feel God made this happen to get me back on track. I just feel so hurt by seeing the pain I’ve caused her. I wish I could be the one suffering so she wouldn’t have to hurt the way she does…plus she’s losing faith in God because of my mistakes. But back to your story, I don’t know what it is about us men that we are led astray, when we’ve got the world waiting for us at home…I just pray that God may give you strength to deal with this difficult time, and that your husband will realize what he has at home. God will be with you no matter what happens, and he will see to it that your needs are met. No matter what…“it’s gonna be okay”. May God Bless you and walk with you daily!


You need more than prayers now, you need to act.

But the book: "Love Must Be Tough" by Charles Dobson asap and follow it.

Kick to your h out to the curb now. Do not wait until your marriage has a slow leak like mine does and has had for 2 years now when I made horrible mistakes in not following this advice then, like I should have.

Good Luck:thumbsup:


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