Infinite Universe


i read online somewhere that Scripture says the universe is infinite. I dont know if scientists agree with that or not.

Does the Bible say the universe is infinite?


I’ve never heard anyone claim that Scripture says such a thing and I’m not aware of any passage even remotely capable of being interpreted that way.


The Bible is not a science book. It should never be read that way.


Fr. Robert Spencer, PhD had several great series on EWTN in which he addressed this question, among others. Basically, no, it is not. He also has a website devoted to it and other questions on science and the Bible. You might start here.


Before consulting the videos, I want to ask you unstoppable II (partly because your name is so interesting in this regard); but the gate that Jesus speaks of, by which we enter heaven, is this a literal or figurative gate in time?


No, The Bible doesn’t say that. Nor does science indicate it.
Basically, Scripture and science both indicate that the universe finite. Scientists like Carl Sagan and many others used criticize The Church because they mistakenly believed that the universe was infinite, but science has shown that The Church was right on this.


Revelation 21:1 talks about a new heaven and a new earth. Not sure whether this is a renovated current universe or a brand new one. But this new one is infinite or at least “for ever and ever” Rev 22:5


I believe, like a lot of passages in scripture, the “gate” that Jesus speaks of, by which we enter heaven, is figurative. You have to remember that the stories in the Bible are meant to convey a message, in this case, entrance into heaven is difficult, so they have to be explained in terms that humans can understand and accept. I laugh every time there is someone on TV who claims he found Noah’s ark. The story is an allegory to illustrate that occasionally, there is a "flood’ that moves in and sweeps the status quo clean for a fresh start. The Great Depression was such a flood, as were most great wars. :wink:


Going on forever would be Eternal, at least in the future, The universe has not existed for infinity, it had a beginning.


I don’t know, honestly. But if the gates are figurative, then it is internal, in the mind of the person who understands the figurative language? And in that case there are as many gates as people who understand. I’m going to watch the video!
But my guess is that if we existed in the heart of the Lord since before the world began, as scripture also says, then one can say that the gates came into being after our creation since they depends on an understanding of something that we learned of after we were created.
In that case, the universe could be infinite.
If however there is one gate only, then it could be finite, and all souls bound to pass through that gate, the entry point to heaven.


I thought only God knows that.


I thought only God knows that.

Nope, it is in Scripture and it is Church Teaching. It is also the conclusion based on science.


Going on forever would not be infinite. It’s like counting the integers, you can count forever and never will you have counted an infinite number of integers.

I am a finite being, I will never have lived an infinite amount of time.



I used to think that the beginning of the earth as we know it is not the true beginning of everything, the BIG BEGINNING, of which there is** no absolutely conclusive proof either way from the scientific standpoint. **
In fact, on that point, I’d still believe Scripture more than science, with the latter evolving so much in its views year after year.


Module, Video 4 gives a reasonable proof of the Big Bang.
See more on that here



There is only one gate: Jesus Christ. That’s the lesson. “No one comes to the Father but by me.” Yes, the gate is a figurative expression for Himself.


I have no reply because I believe scripture as greater than science. The human heart is vaster than a cosmological observation or experiment. Nevertheless, the evidence from science is highly competitive.


Was unstoppable I stopped?


That would also be the answer to Carl Sagan’s question: “Who speaks for the earth?”


Even Scripture affirms the creation of the universe, i.e. anything that exists, before the creation of the world. The universe was created, and the Church teaches that it was created ex nihilo. It is therefore not infinite. It could not be infinite because there is only one Infinite, and that is God.

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