What are the influences of the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages relating to Family, Medicine, and Education?



In the Middle Ages the Church was to all intents and purposes the pan-European government, a bit like the Federal Government in the USA though it gave states more autonomy. So virtually all aspects of culture were woven through with Christian influence. Latin would be the language of education, for instance, and theology one of the main subjects. Medical doctors would be taught in universities run by the Church (I would guess, I haven’t actually checked this) whilst folk healers would believe pious legends such as that iron would drive away the devil. There were no secular schools.

Really your question boils down to “what was life like in Medieval Europe”. It cannot be answered adequately in a post.


There are some wonderful books that answer your questions.

I recommend William Carroll, Hillaire Belloc, and Regine Pernoud for starters.


Is this a homework assignment?

You might want to start here.


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