Influential Muslim Scholar Issues a Fatwa Banning Terrorism

Some experts see fatwa as significant blow to terrorist recruiting

**[Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) – A fatwa, or religious ruling, issued this week is roiling theological waters after it took aim at those notorious for targeting others: terrorists.

The anti-terrorism fatwa by renowned Muslim scholar Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri pulled no punches, declaring that terrorism was “haraam,” or forbidden by the Quran, and that suicide bombers would be rewarded not by 72 virgins in heaven, as many terrorist recruiters promise, but with a suite in hell.

Qadri, the founder of the Minhaj-ul-Quran International, an Islamic movement with centers in 90 countries, told a news conference in London, England, on Tuesday that his decree categorically condemns terrorism and suicide bombings in the name of Islam.

“Until now, scholars who were condemning terrorism were conditional and qualified what they said,” Qadri said in a phone interview, noting that his 600-page ruling left no room for interpretation. “I didn’t leave a single, minor aspect that, in the mind of radicals or extremists, can take them to the direction of martyrdom.”

The 59-year-old Pakistani scholar called his fatwa an “absolute” condemnation, going as far as to label the terrorists themselves “kafirs,” a term in the Quran meaning “unbeliever.” ](“”)**

I wonder how effective he’ll be. There are many non radical Muslim’s that do not condone terrorism, in fact, most do not overall regardless. It’s good to have more voices singing to this tune these days.

i commend this man for speaking out and issuing this fatwa against terrorism.

perhaps it will encourage others to do the same. i just hope that they will not be targeted for violence.

If these terrorists are not kafir in the eyes of all Muslims, then Islam is not much of a religion at all.

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