Info about Dan Millman, Can you help me?

I was looking over a seminar that I was interested in attending for my business and noted one of the speakers was “Dan Millman”. No big deal, I thought, as I had never heard of him. I then read the little bio and summary of the seminar and it kind of grabbed my attention as it sounded New Age?

I tried looking for some more info but came up empty. Can someone here please let me know if my suspicions are true regarding this person and his ideology or are my suspicions unwarranted?


Does anyone know if he is “tied to” or promotes “New Age” stuff?

I don’t know anything about him…sorry


If it is the “Dan Millman” that I am familiar with, then yes, he is not only “tied to” new age ideas, but he espouses and creates them.

He started off with a book entitled “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” in which he describes his spiritual “awakening” under the guidance of an elusive and mystical “master” who possesses all sorts of magical powers.

One of the troubling things about the book (and the resulting business that was generated) is that it is relayed as autobiographical, as true. It seems, though, to be actually in the same vein as Carlos Castenda’s fictional shaman teacher Don Juan, who was also passed off as real.

Anyway, it seems to me Millman advocates a hodgepodge of spiritualism, Buddhisms, Taoism, physical exercise, meditation, and higher consciousness.


Yes, that is him. I was kind of suspicious that the New Age connection might be there from reading the short bio and course description of the upcoming business seminar.

Apart from him there are some other aspects of the seminar that I believe might help my business but now I am not sure that I should attend this?

Thanks for the reply. Anyone else know of this person?

By the way can someone please point me to what the Church says about the New Age movement and exactly what it teaches and why it is bad? Thank you


I would start with the document Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian Reflection on the “New Age” which was prepared by the Vatican.

You can find it on the Vatican website.

God bless,

Yes, he is really into the New Age stuff. I read some of his books because a friend of mine thought it was so wonderful.
I put them in the garbage.

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