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is this a catholic website? Do they believe that Jesus is God? Are they trinitarian?

By the way, who is Richard Deem

No, it’s not a Catholic website, daraku. If you go to the “aberrant theologies” link on the site you’ll find Catholics listed along with JW’s and LDs, among others, as in error. I’ve no idea who Richard Deem is. The site does seem to reflect Trinitarian theology, though.

Yeah I’ve noticed that, he placed Jesus under cults… But he is also defending Jesus as God… Even refuting JW’s belief that Jesus is not God… According to, he is evengelical christian, what is it?

It is an old earth creationist site, they accept the standard age of the earth and universe, and interpret the Bible accordingly. Rich Deem used to work for “Reasons to Believe” with Hugh Ross, which is also old earth creationist. Doing this from memory, I think that’s right.

It’s not Catholic, but I appreciate the site for its solid interpretations of Genesis and answers to young-earth creationism (Noah’s flood was local, animal death before the Fall, etc).

Phil P

If it’s not a catholic website how come they are defending catholic faith? They even proved that Jesus is really God…

See the links below…


Believing in the divinity of Christ is not believed by Catholics alone. It’s a common ground for Christians (Protestants, Orthodox and Ctholics). The ones that argue that Christ is not God are the quasi-christians and not the non-Catholic christians.

Orthodox ARE Catholic… just not of the Roman variety. Nevertheless, Catholic to the core.

Many Christian denominations are Catholic.

People tend to associate the term “Catholic” with Roman Catholicism, however the latter is simply a subset of the former broader category which includes many Christian denominations… not just the Romans.

I believe that in today’s culture, so many people have failed to investigate the true roots of their faith and hardly understand their own religion.




I just stumbled upon this thread and thought I would chime in.

I’m a moderator on the forum portion of The board founder is evangelical. We’re not anti-catholic. In fact, one of our moderators on the board is Catholic (his handle on the board is Byblos.)

LIke here I suspect, not everything that is posted in our forums necessarily conforms to our board identity. People have a fair amount of freedom to put a post in whatever category they wish and we do on occassion get people who are stringent in their positions and that includes “anti-catholics.” While there is much as protestants that many on the site disagree with in terms of Catholic doctrine, the issue is one of each individual and where they stand in terms of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hope this helps and thanks for allowing me on your site to give this brief response.




I’ve viewed the site a few times and have found it very informative.

I’m a person who doesn’t believe we should generalise people belonging to different faiths and accept that even within our own faith groups we all have our individual views, I’d be happy to view it anytime when curious about something.

In present day time, as Christians we need to be more united then ever.

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