Info in Profiles - a complaint

Why is it that some people don’t provide information in their profiles about their religious affiliation and their location? There have been times a poster has stated that they have never seen something or that they always experience something. And I think, ‘that’s not the case where I live’ and I look to find out where they are from and no info!:confused: Also, especially in this forum, it is helpful to know what the person’s religious background is. IMHO, if you participate in the discussion you should be up front about who you are.

I couldn’t agree more. :thumbsup:


I believe you’ll be glad that my profile is in order and informative… :smiley:

While I can understand persons wanting to be careful about information they put on the web, I agree that some basic info should be porvided.


I’m pretty new to all this and I just changed mine, and I want to see if I changed it properly.

Looks good to me !!! :thumbsup:

It’s all about living in the “Light”. :smiley:


I love your signature!

I’ve never looked at what goes into the profile. But I can;t imagine who and what I am (careful!)
is unknown, by this time.


Anglicanus Catholicus

If CAF doesn’t make it mandatory why do you?

I offer as little as possible to any web site because that is my desire.

If you want to know where someone lives (generally), you can always ask them. Who knows it might be something to strike up a conversation and the next thing ya know you’ve made a friend.

It’s hard to be friends with or friendly towards folks that make demands on knowing my information before so much as a, “Hello, how are you?”

Requiring such information would be futile. It is too easy to lie, as some people do. I have always noted, though,that those that “walk in darkness” in regards to all background information ususally do it for a reason.

It is a matter of expedience in wanting to know whom you are dealing with. As for me, I would want to know if I am discussing a specific topic with an evangelical, a Lutheran, a Pentecostal, or a Jewish individual. It enables a person to have some perspective of where another is coming from.
There are also trolls out there who claim a specific religion in order to be deceitful and spread falsehoods.

Providing my religion, Catholic, seems adequate. I provided my religion because this is a site about religion, so it’s relavent information.

I don’t reveal my location, name, job info, school info, or any other personal info that could identify me in any way. I’ve mentioned that I’m married and that we have at least one child (Might it be children?). No one knows my sex. No one knows how many children I have, their sex or ages. No one knows how old I am.

Maybe you’re reading the words of a retired man from Maine. I could be a 30-yr-old female nurse living in OR.

If I posted that I’m a little old lady from Pasadena, would you believe me anyway? :wink:

True - Since you’ve posted many times here you are well known to others who have posted here for a long time. For newbies though you are just as unknown to them as they are to you.
Just a thought.


I’m happy with just location and religious affiliation (if any).:slight_smile:

They’ll get to know me.



It’s like wearing a nametag at a conference, just makes it easier to talk to the person.

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