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I am looking for any information on author Bart D Ehrman, specifically his book “The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture” I want to explain how his ideas are not new and how they were dispelled already. I also want to explain this to someone who doesn’t believe the Bible is inerrant nor was it written with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Do a search of the forums here. There has been plenty of discussion. You might try narrowing down your search to “Search Titles Only”.

Ehrman was an Evangelical Christian and a sola scriptura adherent who believed in strict Biblical literalism. When he embarked on graduate studies in Scripture, he learned that his hermeneutic didn’t hold up to scrutiny, he (sadly) failed to conclude “gee, I guess my approach to the Bible is wrong”, but rather, concluded “gee, I guess the Bible isn’t true.” :sad_yes:

Now he argues against the truth of the Bible. It’s a sad example of how misunderstandings about the Bible and Christianity can have a really bad side effect; rather than giving up on the misunderstanding, people give up on the Bible itself. (It would be like me reacting to the Pittsburgh Penguins’ playoff loss by concluding that hockey itself is a terrible game, rather than recognizing that the Penguins didn’t play like good teams do. :shrug:)

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