Info on Ash Wednesday fast

My family hasn’t been involved with fasting much as I grew up, but was definitely brought up with abstinence from meat. So I feel I don’t have much knowledge on what the fast requires.

Yesterday (Ash Wednesday), I had an apple for brekkie, a piece of bread for lunch, a single hot cross bun that afternoon (as I was feeling a bit sick from hunger), and then we had dinner as a family that evening (fish and chips ftw).

Is that alright? Or is there any direction you could give for what I could follow on Good Friday?



If anything, I’d say you went further than you had to. My interpreation of what you could have as a smaller meal (which I checked with my priest) would be more like a bowl of soup for lunch.


Depends on where he is.


You can have more than an apple and a slice of bread!

Eat a small breakfast, for me that would be two eggs with toast and maybe cheese or fruit.

Lunch? A bean burrito

Supper, tuna salad sandwich with chips.


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