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I have some questions. I am really interested in the Dominican Order mainly because they invest much of their time in study. And it doesn’t remain with the theory, but they actively use their knowlegde. To preach, to teach,…

But, I would like to know more. About their spirituality, their Dominican Missal Rite, habits (not the clothing) and frequently used prayers, the use of the habit (the clothing :D) outside of the community,…

Also the community life. Do the live in together with their confraters, can they work as parish priests? I also heared the term “Order of Friars Preachers”. Why friars? I thought it was more an order of priests then brothers (fraters). Or is it like the Franciscans, who call every religious Brother and only Saint Francis “Holy Father” (and the Pope, “Lord Pope”)?

Pax vobiscum!

St. Dominic really wanted to be more like St. Francis, but knew his calling was more in the theological realm, teaching the educated, etc., while St. Francis was more into working with the poor.

The Pope’s personal theologian has always been a Dominican, I believe, since the order was started.

Priests and brothers both have legitimate, but different, roles in an order. Both are needed.

I heared the Rosary is also important for the Dominican Order.

I was thinking about looking into the Dominican Order in a few years time.

Do you need a certain educational standard to join?

I’m thinking about taking up Theology&Religious Studies in University next year, maybe this will help?

Anyone know what Dominican Order require out of people to join the Order?


I recommend checking out the site of the Dominicans of the St. Joseph Province.

You can also feel free to contact their vocations director with more questions.

God bless, and I will pray for your discernment.


If you have an interest in the ancient and venerable Dominican Rite, I’d suggest the Western Province where it is actually used on occasion.

When I was in Houston in 2006 they celebrated their rite on occasion. They also do the OF in Latin.

Not sure which province that is but its not the west.

Several priests of the western province celebrate the Dominican rite on a fairly regular basis, and I expect that some of those in the province of St. Joseph will do so shortly. They’ve already produced a tutorial:

Yes, there’s been rumor for a while now that the Eastern Province will follow suit with regard to allowing the ancient Dominican Rite on a more-or-less “regular” basis. I hope that rumor is true. :slight_smile:

I wish somes will comment more on this
I love the dominican way of life and i want to learn much about them.

I lived as a Sister with the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist for almost two years before I discerned that God was calling me elsewhere. Although I am not a man, I did study the Dominican way of life pretty in depth.

Yes, Community life is very important to Dominicans. They thrive on it. The Dominican priests usually do not have a parish of their own for an extended period of time, but move around a lot to preach and bring Christ to all people. They are friars because that is the technical term for boy Dominicans, but once they are ordained they do use the term ‘Father’.

If you have any further questions about the Dominican life or spirituality feel free to PM me. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. :slight_smile:

God Bless,

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