Information for a paper on Confession/reconcilliation

Greetings everyone, my name is Justin. I am currently a student at UNF for a religious studies minor, working on a paper about the process of confession and I thought that a good way to reach a multitude of practicing Catholics is to post a thread on a very well trafficked board. I chose this one as it was the first to pop up on Google.

I have a series of questions that I would greatly appreciate answers to, be as honest as you can (answer them in a pm if you are worried about the contents of a legitimately honest answer. Please, the only responses that should be in this thread are those to the question, no in-fighting or cross commenting please. I will ask to have those kind of responses removed.

Think of this as a survey if someone came and handed you a piece of paper and a pen. If you would be so kind as to leave your first name, how long you have been a practicing Catholic, as well as your location if you are comfortable with that. I really only need 10 to 15 responses but I will do my best to incorporate all those that I get.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.


EDIT: I suppose the questions would be helpful…

What is confession to you?
Why do you do confession?
How do you do confession?
How important is confession?
How do you feel before confession?
How do you feel during confession?
How do you feel after confession?
Do you feel a separation with other Catholics before confession?
If so, is this repaired after the sacrament?

Take 15 minutes and work through this guide.

Then imagine that a loving God wishes to forgive you of your failures AND give you graces to help you avoid these sins in the future.

Are you aware of the Judeo - Christian link in the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

Jews were given the command to celebrate an annual Day of Atonement - Yom Kippur -with priestly religious ceremonies that recommitted Israel’s covenant with God.

You may want to read this book if you have not…Scott Hahn’s Lord Have Mercy-the healing power of confession.

This link may help you too:

Also, do you want replies to you in this forum, or have then sent to you privately, via an email. some may prefer an email or private message to you.

I appreciate your input, however I will not be participating in the act of confession. I will use this for insight as to how some may view the act. I would much more a PM with your answers to those questions, if you have the time Barbkw.

Either publicly or via PM is fine, as stated in the original post. Thank you for addressing that it was not clear initially.

Also, thank you for the recommendation of the book.

Thank you both for replying,

I would just like to say thank you to those that have replied and helped me out so far. I need a few more responses for the best result, however I can use what I have so far.

So again, thank you.


Confession is the renewable source of inexhaustible grace.

To cleanse my soul of sin and to obtain grace to fight off temptation.

I ask for the priest’s blessing, I indicate how long it’s been since my last confession; I state my sins; I ask forgiveness and await the priest’s response, absolution and pennance.

Very important, my life of the spirit depends on it and my proper reception of the Eucharist makes it pivotal.

Like I’ve offended God. I feel the weight of my guilt.

I feel like a flushing or purging or catharsis if you will. I feel God’s mercy and forgiveness at work in me.

Prepared and fortified, confident that His grace strengthens me for the battle ahead.

Not necessarily a separation from other catholics but an alienation (self-impossed) from God’s favor. Maybe like Adam and Eve felt when - even though God greeted them as usual, they were embarassed…afraid because of their disobedience.

What is repaired is my battle wounds. I am prepared for the battle once again with the help of His grace.

In hoc signo vinces.

What is confession to you? Confession is an intimate encounter with Jesus, in which we offer Him our sinfulness and He gives us mercy, forgiveness, and grace in return through His representative on earth (a priest).
Why do you do confession? I go to confession because I need it. I want to stay close to Jesus.
How do you do confession? I usually go face-to-face, during the regularly scheduled times with my pastor every month or so.
How important is confession? Very.
How do you feel before confession? Nervous
How do you feel during confession?During confession, you are usually so focused on the task at hand, that you really aren’t “feeling” too much. Sometimes, if I go in with a list, there is the feeling of “Lord, just let me get to the end of this…”
How do you feel after confession? Sometimes I don’t feel any different at all The nervousness is gone. Usually the priest is very kind and encouraging. Sometimes I feel a huge sense of relief. Usually, I don’t. Almost always there is a sense of peace.
Do you feel a separation with other Catholics before confession? Not really.
If so, is this repaired after the sacrament?

~Katie in Louisiana; I’ve been a practicing Catholic for 45 years (seriously the past 10)

I just wanted to say thanks to those that replied both here in the thread and via PM. You have helped quite a bit with my papers, its amazing the range of responses that I received. Quite the insight to the ritual of confession, something that I was not able to participate in due to my own religious beliefs.

Thank again,

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