Information on Culpability of Buying Products from Pro Abortion Companies


Having used eBay and YouTube for a long time, I’m a bit disheartened to find that these companies support abortion.

It seems as if almost everything backs abortion, however ( )

How culpable are we if we use these companies?


If you live in US and are able to avoid all the brands listed in your link, you are probably living in an Old Order Amish community… :upside_down_face:

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It’s a huge leap from “gave money to United Way” to “support abortion”. I used to pay a lot more attention to organizations that made lists of abortion funders before I did research myself and found most of this is just not true or vastly overstated.

Given that many Catholic dioceses and Catholic Charities are United Way recipients, you could also say eBay “supports Catholicism” by that logic.

You are not culpable in any way. You buy something from me, you give me money I give you the thing. What I do with the money is not your concern or responsibility.

Exceptions would be actually doing business WITH planned parenthood or organizations that are engaged in actually doing abortions or the manufacturing of abortion-specific medical equipment.

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We have tons of Amish here, and they shop at Walmart.


Going down the road of culpability is a slippery slope;

If the Church wants to do the leg work and provide a list of approved Catholic friendly and Pro Life friendly establishments I will gladly consider patronizing those businesses. So far the only two I know of are Hobby Lobby and Chick Fila. I don’t like Chick fila, and i barely go to Hobby lobby, so… * shrugs * what can I tell ya, China and Walmart have everything lock n key. Good luck trying to beat that monster combo.

Not supporting actors and actresses that are pro abortion are rather easy to figure out as they are very loud mouthed about their stance and make sure that the fans the depend upon for their pay check know what their stance is, I have easily been able to know who those people are and to stop watching any of their future movies.

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I saw them at Target and thought they may be from the more ‘modern’ Amish communities but who knows… :upside_down_face: Well, If this is not the case then it is really impossibile to avoid all the companies in the list… :rofl: :rofl:

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None. Absolutely none.

Do you mean Mennonites? Mennonites are not Amish.

We have both Amish and Mennonites in this area. They both shop at Walmart.

I am not talking about Mennonites. There are many subgroups of Amish, each one of them with a different approach to modern technologies. See the summary table below in the session ‘’Use of technology by different Old Order Amish affiliations‘’.

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