Information on Krishna Consciousness / the "Hare Krishna" movement

Hi there,

Is anyone out there able to recommend to me some scholarly, or at least solidly objective and informative, books or sites on Krishna Consciousness or Gaudiya Vaishnavism in general?

I’m asking because there is a lot of literature written by the Hare Krishnas, and I know there is plenty of academic treatment of Hinduism in general, but I’m not aware of so many detailed studies of the Krishna sect that would be useful for Catholic apologetics.

See, now when I first heard about this, and I literally heard about it, I thought it was the Harry Krishna movement, as in, following some Harry fellow about and listening to his teachings!

In fact, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago I saw the actual spelling! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, aside from recommending the Muppet Movie, I’ve nothing for you, sorry.

Well, thanks for replying, but in New Zealand at least, and I’m sure in many other parts of the world, the Hare Krishnas are numerous, very well-organised and active in both overt and subtle proselytisation. They have a highly-developed philosophy and theology, as well as being “charismatic” (in a non-Christian way) and very “with-it” in terms of pop culture. Many of their members are very intelligent and zealous. They seem to be doing extremely well at attracting non-religious people, especially the youth – better, I am sad to say, than the Catholics are. We young Catholics need to win souls for Christ. So if anyone has an intelligent contribution, I’d be glad to hear it.

If you were to read the Complete Idiots Guide to Hinduism a couple of times

  • once for familliarization into something *usually *totally foreign to Catholic Christians :confused:

  • and once for asking questions as you read

you will end up with a reasonable sort of introductory overview of Hinduism and its sects.

For example I read the Complete Idiots Guide to Islam, and the first time I read it I simply wanted to throw it into the trash, every time I turned a page as I read.

However, I persevered and after letting it simmer for a week, I read it again, and came away with quite a lot of understanding of why Muslims say what they say, do what they do, a fair bit of insight and many questions. (Off topic I know, but the role of Jesus in the Second Coming is clearly defined and spelt out in the Koran - shock, surprise, but yes, there is a heck of a lot of material. ) :eek:

So I say, pick your book and read it. CIG to Hinduism is middle of the road introduction and overview. (I wouldn’t say the same for CIG to Catholicism, it makes me want to scream. Sensuous sacraments? ) :confused:

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