Information on Quality Vestment Appliques?


I am looking for information on appliques for vestments - type, quality, sources, etc.

Are they sewn on? Are iron on appliques of lower quality? Any worries about laundering or dry cleaning? I don’t want it to look cheap, discolor or have it half falling off.

Sources? Gaspard sure is pricey! Any other sources I might browse?

Any information from those with experience would be appreciated.



I can’t remember where I used to buy them from, it’s been a while, but they are always sewn on. I’ll look though my old notes.


I looked through the Gaspard selections. While the selection is very limited, the prices are comparable to other sources.

Try this source:
La Lame, Inc.

Here’s a link to their selection of emblems

They also have more available in their catalog. They don’t make their entire selection available online.


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