Information on sacrilegious image


Does anyone know the significance and the source of the image/symbol below? I understand the Satanic meaning of the inverted cross and of the inverted star, but I would like to know more about this particular image. I would prefer to not explain my “interest” in this image at the moment, but be rest assured that it is not out of any personal appreciation for it nor fascination with it.


It would depend on the maker of it. I searched images all over the net and couldn’t find one like it. It’s unique in design. I did find satanic “rosaries” that had the Baphomet pentagram and inverted cross, but they were not one on top of the other. The Baphomet symbol was above on the chain with the cross below. Google “imosh”.

It’s rather large, so I would guess that it is part of an altar arrangement where a black mass is performed. Not something you would use as an outside house decoration :smiley: But, of course, you are in Canada. Are you anywhere in the Vancouver, British Colombia area? Just a wild guess.

You already know the basic significance of the symbols. The owner holds the clues, but good luck getting that information. If you have it in your possession you need to destroy it. If someone you love is in possession of it, destroy it. Just as objects can be blessed and become “holy”, so too can objects be cursed and become “evil”. You would need to cut it up, burn it, disintegrate it and then bury the ashes.




I am not anywhere near Vancouver (I sent a PM). I am not in a position to influence what is done with this image, unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback. Let me know if you discover anything further.


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