Infused vs imputed grace

I’d love to have a look at a dialogue (or debate) with a Catholic and a protestant about infused vs imputed grace.

Preferably audio (or video) since I can normally only find written work on one view or the other and I’d love to see thses two views in dialogue, responding directly to the points the other makes.

Anyone have any ideas?

I know James White has debated Catholics over this issue. He is actually respected by the Catholics and has written a great book on the Forgotten Trinity.

I have more often heard the term “imputed” with reference to “righteousness”, but I am curious why you would want to hear the debate.
Which party in the debate would you be rooting for?
For my part, I have lived the debate, studying Luther and understanding it his way for 58 years, but now in the last four years, becoming Catholic and reading Aquinas’ Summa, I understand the infused virtues within my soul, even recognize my soul (which was always a term with no recognized substantial reality as a Lutheran).
Infused Grace would make no sense to someone who does not know his own soul - there is a lot of self-understanding that is required to comprehend its reality (and to live it out and see it is truly real). Imputed righteousness only requires a logical and juridical understanding of theories (yet there is faultiness to some of the logic, as I see it)

John Martin

This is very true but I was interested in the biblical rather than the philosophical debate on it.

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