Inherent dangers of ghost-hunting


I went ghost-hunting with a paranormal group a few times. I played the role of a skeptic and debunker since most of the cases that we investigated were due to natural causes except for some that were labeled as inconclusive. Any opinion about the effects of this type of activity?


I’m not sure what you’re asking.

You mean provoking? (“Oh there’s nothing here or it would do whatever…”)

Are you asking whether Catholics are opposed to this type of stuff? They largely are.

Are you asking if Ghosts are real?

Are you asking if demons are real?





Since ghosts are mentioned in the Bible, it is safe to treat them as real. As someone who has studied this subject in great detail, the possibility that some of these ghosts are malevolent is real. There may be other types of beings involved, like poltergeists. The accounts are numerous enough that a scientist is not required. Extreme caution is urged and avoiding it altogether is best. If, however, one experiences seeing ghosts where they have just moved into, it should be treated as a spiritual matter and brought to the attention of a priest.

So far, ghost-hunting has produced no credible evidence on electronic equipment. The recent fad of ghost hunting will pass just as spiritualism passed into obscurity in the 1920s. One can study reports but I would not recommend anyone actually entering haunted areas.



From my view of a scientist I have to say I find the “pop science” of ghost hunting very unscientific.

The methodology does not include verification of so-called “evidence” by independent, non-interested parties. And many who engage in this practice generally attribute phenomenon to their own convictions about the spirit realm (i.e., EVP recordings are “proof” of “spirits” living in some “spirit realm”).

Now I am a Roman Catholic, and ethnically a Jew. Catholicism acknowledges the phenomenon, and Hebrews have a rich culture which includes many stories of ghosts, dybbuks, and golems. I have even been in a house which was reported to be haunted and have experienced so-called “ghost” phenomenon–and I don’t subscribe to a belief that what you see on many popular ghost hunting TV shows to be real. I don’t even claim that what I saw was a real spirit either as I have no way to study or provide tangible, empirical evidence…and I’m someone who believes in angels, God, life after death, etc!

Just because one sees something out of the ordinary or even experiences some of the things I saw does not mean this type of phenomenon is “proof positive” that these are the spirits of the dead. Just as many UFOs are nothing more than “unidentified flying objects” waiting to be identified, much ghost phenomenon which one might label as “inexplicable” is not limited to one simple explanation, as if it has to be proof of spirits and nothing else.

Are there dangers? Well, again from a scientific point of view I can only say that science doesn’t have a working theory on the subject of “dangers from ghost hunting.” You would have to prove that what one was hunting was potentially dangerous to comment on the danger in the first place, and ghost hunting doesn’t even prove what it sets out to.

But, let’s say that maybe there are spirits out there. And if these ghost hunters are correct that some of them are evil or “inhuman” demonic spirits, my question is: Why do you want to contact a demon? If such things are real, what kind of logic is it to ask one to show itself to you? That is not logical at all.

I like to study meteorology, but I don’t go around hoping that a tornado will strike my home or an earthquake shake my city to the ground. Sure, study of them is important, but I would rather that these dangers didn’t exist then have to study them in the first place.

I’m sure others have their own opinion on the matter. I take no delight in trying to argue my point with anyone in an attempt to change their views. I also know that there are scientists who have studied both the pop-culture fad of ghost hunting and have been conducting experiments more in line with a proper critical methodology, and their findings have not resulted in finding “ghosts.”


I have to disagree. There are ghosts, and UFOs are not just objects waiting to be identified.



Some of the so-called phenomena that we were able to obtain in the course of our investigation could be explained away as due to physical causes (wind draft, lights coming from road traffic, dust particles or light flashes on photos). I haven’t witnessed nor perceived anything that could be classified as paranormal even though I was the only one in a room. To be objective, no hard evidence so far was gathered. We are contacted by distraught homeowners who believe that their home is haunted. Reassuring them that something physical is causing the phenomena other than anything supernatural is enough to put them at ease. We never include any psychic or spiritualist in our team since that would result in bias findings. We try to be more objective as possible based on our findings. That’s my opinion.


I wonder if a Ghost appeared to you, evil or otherwise, would this shake you enough to bring you back to your faith, as in this case a priest would have to be called to get rid of the Ghost. Hopefully it wont take a Ghost to get your attention, and will come back to the Lord without all this good and bad spirits.

Bring Holy water and a Crucifix with you - in case.


I didn’t say that there weren’t ghosts.

If you read my post a little closer, I only say that what many of these ghost hunters find cannot be scientifically verified as “spirits.”

The statement that “UFOs are objects waiting to be identified” is meant in the same light. Seeing an “unidentified” object in the sky is often considered “proof positive” of alien visits. In reality, without empirical evidence, one can only verify that they’ve seen something they can’t identify. Seeing something one can’t identify means only that, that one has seen a flying object they can’t identify.

The Bible and the Church both speak of spirits and ghosts in real terms. I am not denying a belief in such things. I was stating that according to the methodology subscribed to by science, what TV ‘ghost hunters’ claim as proof fails the test.


What if one never had a “faith” or belonged to a religion that taught them to believe in ghosts? How could experiencing such phenomenon “shake” them to ‘bring them back to their faith’ if they never had one in the first place?

And just because one has a faith doesn’t guarantee that they act accordingly in the face of such phenomenon either. To illustrate: what I witnessed in that so-called haunted house has been witnessed by about 65 other people (maybe more by now–it’s been many years), including reports of something that looks like a boy walk through the house. The phenomenon can be quite startling as I witnessed the so-called apparition myself.

Was it a spirit? I don’t know. As a scientist and a Catholic I am open minded enough to consider that such phenomenon can have more than one explanation.

But in case it was a spirit of a real “dead” boy, I asked the householder about contacting a priest from the local diocese. Even though the person was a Catholic and once even considered becoming a priest, he said, “No. The boy isn’t hurting anyone.”

“That is not the point,” I mentioned. “What if this is a so-called ‘lost’ spirit or something that is potential dangerous to you?”

“No,” he said. “It’s fun to have around the house.”

You never know how people are going to act. Religion doesn’t guarantee that a person will have morals, and atheists can have virtuous conduct that challenges many believers’.


That is why the Church has exorcism,i heard of a priest who turned grey trying to get rid of a demon,he died shortly after.

My Mother saw a ghost,as did my Uncle,and i have experienced them in my bedroom.,and prayed for them to go away.I dont know what ghosts are or know where they come from.The Church warns us not to dabble in the unknown


Some of these reality-based shows, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, had popularised or rather sensationalised these type of activity. Their method of investigation may sometimes be flawed, although in a few instances, they would consider other non-paranormal causes of the phenomena that they would pick up. Some critics had occasionally accused them of faking evidence. These shows should be treated as entertainment and not for educational or informative purposes.


The putative existence of ghosts does **not **imply that they are dead human beings, or that a dead human being becomes a ghost; there are other explanations.

Likewise, if UFOs exist, they are not necessarily the vehicles of alien visitors. In fact, they may not even be objects as such. Light does strange things in the sky.

The scientific way of doing anything is to start with the null hypothesis and make observations. Not search for blips that confirm our personal worldview.



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