Injustice/corruption in a company and God's will

I’ve been in two companies and there I have witnessed many compromises of the truth for the sake of business…Now I am in a middle of another one…and I cant stand it. The problem is the people around got used to it and wont speak. It has become a culture. My family wouldnt also like me to complain. Im kind of protesting now…I am not sure if I am fitted for any secular job…
It is said that man cannot serve God and mammon. Im finding it hard to obey my boss knowing the means the company does to get the business.

Is it justifiable to compromise the truth for business? and just to watch it happen. I mean I am really angry over this…but this would get me into trouble…and I dont know if I am being self-righteous or I am really called by God to say something. Please pray for me.

Would it be a valid reason to enter into the religious vocation because of this? I get the feeling, I will be fighting against secular companies if this would be the next case. I cannot get the secular business life. It’s too dirty for me. I feel like Im being asked to serve the devil and God…It’s difficult. I am demoralized.

It is difficult to respond to your specific questions without knowing a little more about what you are experiencing. But, I will pray for you to be lead forward by God in the path He has chosen for your life. God bless you.

Again, without knowing the specifics of what’s going on, it’s hard to make a judgment one way or the other. But I can comment on your last question, about whether it’s a good reason to join the religious life.

I would have to say that while troubles in the world might amount to some sign meant to point you in a certain direction, they are not of themselves a reason to flee the world in the religious life. You should seek the religious life if you feel called to it, not because not being in the religious life is nasty. Trying to escape one’s problems is never a good reason to seek a vocation in life. Your vocation is what God calls you to. If a man is struggling in the seminary, that isn’t an indication he should go get married, struggle is part of it. Struggle is part of any state in life, and not an indication you should flee from the one you’re currently in. Sometimes we live under the false assumption that (again, in the case of a struggling seminarian) it would be easier to go live in the world as a married man, and yet this is not the case. Any vocation will be difficult. Whether one lives as a religious or a secular, it will be difficult. We all have our crosses.


Let us just say that I am in a situation where the rule of thumb is to thrive in a business even to the extent of compromising the truth (lying in business evaluations, cheating, corruption etc) I mean corporal sin. I mean these are serious sins…arent they?

But my parents are telling me to accept these truths, and just go with the flow and follow their rule if I want to stick with my job. It’s just the way it is. I kind of understand what they are meaning…but I cant help it. I cant stand it. It feels like I am serving the devil, by letting those people do those things.

I mean, my folks have their family, they have to eat…and also they are also victims of the system…I am really confused if I have to let it be because I am starting to question the company now. Please do pray for me.

Yes.I know I do have a call (Im not sure yet if it’s in the religious life). The reason why I wanted to join the religious it’s because I wanted to serve Christ in the light of prayer and Christian community.I find the secular life too engrossed with work without prayer and Jesus (at least based on my experience).

My questions to you are: how far reaching are these sins? Are they at the level of lying about product safety, as in, lying about airbags in cars? Are they along the lines of lying to a client about being able to meet deadlines? Are they along the lines of lying on employee evaluations so some employees get preference over others?

What level are you in the company? Are you seeing things from the low ranks looking upward? Are you in a management position?

Your details are still too vague, but if you think you are being called to religious life then you should look into that. Start with speaking with your priest and look for a spiritual director. Dissatisfaction with the world is not an automatic sign you are called, but it is worth checking it out.

yes lying to clients is involved. ( I cant of course get into the real detail) but I believe it is a serious moral sin…I am against the means but I understand why they were doing that but…:mad:

If there is evidence that the company is corrupt then it should be taken to the police.

Here’s an example of when I lied at work. I am the “manager/director” of my office.

Last week I was contacted by an individual who was looking for a job. He was leaving his position in another office that is part of the same overall organization.

I lied to him and said that I am not planning to hire anyone in the near future. In fact, I am planning to hire.

I lied because I know that he had been fired, and I am all but certain he was fired in connection to his role in a culture of sexual harassment that existed in his office. Further, I know for a fact that he had sent a creepy, sexually directed email to a woman on my staff. All of these things were revealed to me in confidence by someone far above me on the org chart.

What else could I have told him? The truth? “I know you were fired for sexual improprieties and there’s no way on earth that I’d bring you in close to the woman on my staff.”

It is hard to tell if the company is really doing things that are so bad or if your standards are too idealistic. Do you really think that that going into religious life is a solution? Do you think that people in religious life never lie? If you are looking to religious life as an escape from people doing the wrong thing, you may not find it there either.

I understand your concerns.Now that I have thought and reflected about everything. I feel sorry for the people on top. It is a complicated problem. Anyhow please do pray for me and for the company. Everything reminds me of the fall of men and the history of original sin. I feel sorry.

I dont think you are alone in this struggle, I have a feeling almost every secular company in operation today has some degree of corruption within. I would venture to say that very very few are 100% legit, by the books, etc. in their operations.

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