Inklings, web decline, and misc

This is a little random (part of the reason for starting a new thread for it :)) … Background: I participate in discussion about the Inklings (Lewis, Tolkien, etc) elsewhere on The part that may seem a bit random is that this morning, during an idle moment, I got to thinking about how the interest in said discussions seems to have declined a good deal.

From there a got to thinking about how interest in web discussion forums, in general, seems to have declined in the last few years. (Or, at least, that seems to be the case for Catholic and Orthodox forums … I seldom participate on protestant or non-religious forums.) So now I’m asking myself "Is that all it is to it? Or is there a particular decline in interest in Inklings?

Or is it something else, like a “seasonal” variation?

Is posting about an odd train-of-thought like this a sign of getting old?

Perhaps some of the social networks are pulling conversation away?

My personal opinion is that perhaps CAF has also banned a few members that were acerbic, but who also triggered a lot of conversation. I’m not complaining - CAF is a great place for faith formation, but there is a tension between a good environment to grow faith and vigorous conversation.

Boy, way to make me feel worse.:frowning:


That’s the line we mods have to walk every day, deciding which users have the maturity to discuss the most volatile topics, and those who are here just for the “drama”.
The internet attracts drama, always will. Whatever forum you go to, political, religious, or even entertainment.
Check out the Three Stooges forum sometime. :smiley:
People will fight over anything, even who was the best Stooge.

Well, that’s easy, Eric.



There’s a Three Stooges forum??? Halleluia!!!

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.:smiley:

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