INL specialists left plutonium in their car. In the morning, it was gone


It is nonetheless now part of a much larger amount of plutonium that over the years has gone quietly missing from stockpiles owned by the U.S. military, often without any public notice.

Trust the experts. The experts will keep us safe. The government makes sure unsafe materials are not available to just anyone. Once again these falsehoods have been exposed.


I read this article yesterday. if i am not mistaken, what is scary, this happened a
year ago!
Why are we hearing about it now?
Missing plutonium! That should be big news! And should have been big news when it happened.


I really wonder why a rental car would be used? Something sounds fishy.


That and the article actually mentions two dates - March 2016 and March 2017. So
when did it actually happen?

If you were sent to safely bring the plutonium back to Idaho and keep it out of
the wrong person’s hands, why would you leave it in the car in a hotel parking lot where you are always advised not to leave valuables in your car?


Govt employees on official travel often use rental cars when they need to drive to their destination. they can use personal vehicles if they want and if it is cheaper for the govt to pay them milage instead of the rental. Idaho to San Antinio is probably 1600 miles plus so a rental with unlimited milage plus gas is probably cheaper than the 50ish cents per mile they would get paid to use their own. im guessing that flying nuculear material is frowned upon by the airlines so flying was not an option


The whole story sounds fishy, I wish I could believe the press or even the government. Or the press’s assessment of the government.


Plutonium is worth billions.

And the gang that couldn’t shoot straight did WHAT???


No … you arrange for military transport … a C-130.

With USMC heavily armed escorts.


Because they work for the government. Every agency does not have its own fleet of vehicles, especially those who would infrequently need them. A trip from Idaho to Texas would qualify as official government travel, probably at least a three day trip. The inspectors would have an authorized government card to pay for a rental car (as opposed to having to use their own car) and hotel rooms and a per diem to purchase food, fuel, etc. They would be incentivized to save money to get a cheaper hotel room. The curious part is not that they got a rental car. It’s that they decided to leave such sensitive stuff in the parking lot. I don’t even leave fishing poles in my car when traveling. I can’t imagine leaving nuclear material in the backseat. That is worse than leaving a gun in the car. The article didn’t say but I hope these inspectors were fired or severely punished.


For this agency though… of course Russia can own 20% of a uranium company. Twilight Zone world we live in.


You might consider some fact checking. Whatever it is you are alluding to, I suspect that the actual story is not what you think it is.


The use of private contractors in our nuclear program is one of the longest-running scandals in this country.


This story reminds me of the opening credits of “The Simpsons”.


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