I’ve had this friend for two years now, and we’re very close. But recently he basically excommunicated a mutual friend for being a “bad influence.” Long story short, what she did wasn’t even that terrible (something about her reading something wrong he typed then getting confused and saying she read it as something else (ending a 2-yr friendship for that!)), and it led me to get into an argument with him over whether this was the right thing to do or not. He thinks he’s “protecting his innocence” and it “had to be done” but I think he’s being overreactive and unrealistic. I know it’s good that he’s trying to stay as pure as possible, but is this really necessary? He thinks he can be a good person by essentially isolating himself in a box free of evil. I don’t understand how you can be doing the right thing if you’re ignoring what’s wrong in the world and not trying to change it, only reject it. It really makes me think of Romans 12:21 “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” It almost seems selfish to be worried more about your own innocence than warning others when they sin. This situation is really heartbreaking to me, because he’s my best friend and now I think he’s not going to talk to me anymore because I disagree with what he did. :confused:

Oh and he’s 15, the girl he cut off is 12. Perhaps, childish drama, and I apologize.

So I guess my question is this: Is it right to value innocence to this extreme, to the point of ending friendships to avoid (even KNOWING about) evil at all costs?

Wow, he sounds like he’s being a complete snob.

Kindly remind him that there is a little something called “pride” and it is probably way more severe than any little misunderstanding on your other friend’s part.

The motive is important, and staying pure as possible is good. Also how can we know all the circumstances? Sometimes something happens in private and it should not be mentioned.

I am sorry you are afraid for fear of loosing your best friend. Based on experience, it is really difficult to experience these kind of changes. I mean it can be devastating emotionally and last for a long time. Prayers for you all.

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