Innocent Violence


With all the innocent violence in schools these days, it’s frightening to think about letting my children attend public schools. I have a few years before that’s a reality but I can’t help but wonder what the world will be like in a few years. It really got to me when those girls at that Amish school got killed. It just goes to show that it can happen ANYWHERE.
Does anyone else feel this way? If anyone has any words of encouragement to put my mind at ease about this sort of thing, I’d love to hear them.


Trust me, I totally understand! My daughter is in 2nd grade and I worry everyday about her safety. She’s in public school. I had always thought that Catholic school was safer, but a few months ago, a 4th grader in a Catholic school held a knife to another student’s neck while telling the rest of the class that he was going to kill them all. It ended with minor injuries only (at least physically, I’m sure the emotional scars run much deeper). It only goes to show, as did the poor Amish situation, that it truly can happen anywhere!



If anything good comes out of the Amish school tragety, it’s that the Amish show the true meaning of forgiveness. If our society needs to learn anything, it’s that. Did you see how shocked Ann Curry was when she talked with the Mennonite midwife about how forgiving the community was? I think people who are prone to revenge may take heed from this lesson. This is the only solace I take from this tragety.


It’s a violent and dangerous world, but the reason stories like this make such big news is because they don’t happen in every school every day. We should certainly be careful, but school violence is not nearly as common a problem as some other things are, which don’t make the news anymore because they happen so often.


Amen… I think we have a lot to learn from the Amish about forgiveness. They are reaching out to the killer’s family because they are suffereing too…

“Roberts’ wife,(the killer) Marie, was invited to attend the funeral by the family of Marian Fisher; it was unclear whether she attended.”

"Donors from around the world are pledging money to help the families of the dead and wounded. Amounts ranging from $1 to $500,000 have been received and could help defray mounting medical bills.

At the behest of Amish leaders, a fund has also been set up for the killer’s widow and three children"



These people are truly showing the world what Christians are made of and what Christ can do in our lives.


I am about the most over protective parent I know. I struggled with what schools to send my kids to as well. I have 3 kids ranging from 19 (in college now) to 15 (just started HS). I will let you know a little about the challenges and the decisions I made.

When my kids were born I was in the military. This was at the time when there were a bunch of daycare scandals and some were at military daycare facilities. I opted for private daycare at first. But what I didn’t like about these was that my providers were not as reliable as I wanted. In the military, you might have set hours but this can change at the drop of a hat. Well, my hours changed and my daycare provider didn’t want to accomodate so I looked into the base facility. I was scared because of the scandals. I interviewed them extensively. I was assured that the workers were monitored through the day and they were also videotaped. The director constantly observed her employees and was quick to weed out anyone who wasn’t up to her standards. I sent my kids there, and I can tell you, I was nervous as all get out. One day I went to pick up my son and he was walking funny. All he would say is “It hurts” I asked what hurt and he couldn’t answer me but was grabbing his diaper. I went nuts. I asked the workers what happened in a not-so-nice-way. She didn’t know so I put him up on the diaper changing table and stripped him… It turns out that one of the workers accidentally put his diaper on in a fashion that pinched his skin in the crease of his diaper area…whew!!!

OK…fast forward to Elementary school. DS went to a public school in MI for Kindergarten because there was no Catholic school on the military base. 1st grade we had moved and I left the service so he went to public school in IL. I went in and talked to all his teachers (art, music, gym, 1st grade) and the principal. They all seemed awesome and his transition to that school was fine. For 2nd grade he had to go to a different school in the same district because we had bought a house. I had nothing but trouble with this school. By the time he was in 3rd grade, his brother was in kindergarten and the real trouble started. I thought I didn’t have any choices at the time. So, I would address my concerns to the teachers and principals and yet nothing was done. My oldest got beat up by another kid and the school refused to do anything about it because it was after school on the way home. It was all because my son had a black friend. I threw a fit!!! I demanded that my sons be allowed to remain in the classrooms until a ride arrived. This was not a good idea because it singled the boys out but at the time it was the best idea I could think of.

By the time my daughter went to kindergarten we were in big trouble…I hated the schools, they weren’t keeping my kids safe, they weren’t teaching them very well, etc. We had issues with teachers being mean, with boys pinching my daughters buttocks, with my oldest getting injured bad enough that he should have gone to the hospital and the school didn’t even call, etc. I prayed to find an answer but it just didn’t seem to be working. After my son was struck by a teacher I decided to switch the kids to Catholic school. What a difference!!

The Catholic school doors were locked even before Columbine happened, the only way in is to get buzzed in. Parents were encouraged to volunteer in the school which made it easier to have a working relationship with teachers. My middle child got extra help from his teachers, but the biggest difference was manners and respect. The kids couldn’t even have ketchup for their french fries unless they said please and thank you! There was no students cussing at each other or the teachers!!!

Now my youngest 2 are in HS. We opted to send the boy to public school because he needed special help with his learning disorder. My daughter goes to Catholic HS. The public school has no locks or alarms on the doors but they have parent volunteers that wander the halls to make sure kids are in classes. The Catholic school has locked doors and parents are again encouraged to discuss problems and concerns with teachers and the priest. I had a problem with an assignment my daughter had to watch a movie I thought was inappropriate. I contacted the teacher and she and I and the priest discussed it. If I had my choice, I would send my son there too but since they don’t have services for learning disabilities, we had no choice.

This is just my experience. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want to be with schools. I think a kid does better if parents are involved and care about not only what the school teaches, but how your kid is getting along with others and what kind of morals are encouraged.


My kids go to catholic school and they are all locked entrances with a video camera system to be “buzzed in”. The public schools are all locked too. Please,in order to ease your mind,check the schools to see what security measures are in place. The scariest day was 9/11 when I didn’t know whether to go pick up my kids,hide out in the basement or what! As a result of that awful day in our history,our school implemented a special way of dealing with that kind of situation. Remember that the schools have your children’s best interests in mind (presumably) and should be more than willing to ease your mind. Good luck and never stop praying for our country!


online schools are a wonderful solution. I hope everyone goes online.:slight_smile:


I think parents need to step back and put the events of the past couple weeks into perspective. Yes, these events were tragedies for the people to whom they happened; however, the reason that these events were in the news is that they are unusual, meaning that they are rare. The vast, vast majority of schools, public and parochial, across the country conduct their business week in and week out without ever having a problem of this type.



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