Input needed – Daily Meditation Ideas?


As some of you know, I started a website in 2007 as a depository for various stories and other insights gained mainly from silent retreats through the years. The website is called Silent Insight – Daily Catholic Meditations for Faith, Listening and Peace ( ). Basically, I tried to keep it very simple and base it primarily on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. In between the meditations, I’ve inserted short (very short) bits of wisdom or stories that one can use as a daily meditation. All the while, the site provides a simple methodology for prayer, again based on the spiritual exercises.

Ok, now for my request. I know many of you have short stories or a favorite meditation that calls you closer to God. If you don’t mind sharing it, I would love to post it on the website as the daily meditation. You can shoot it to me via the website “Contact” link or post it as a follow up here.

One can subscribe to the daily meditations at the website. Theyget delivered to ones email inbox at approximately 3am. No fee, no spam. Just a daily Catholic meditation.

I’ve included some links below to some of the short meditations/bits of wisdom. Again, if you have any similar ones, I love to share them on the site. At the present, the site has 300+ daily subscribers.

Have a great rest of the week to all of you.


Here are some examples:

Daily Meditation – Asking & God’s Giving

Daily Meditation – Seeking and Finding God

Daily Meditation – Welcoming Life’s Circumstances

Daily Meditation – The Lilies of the Field


Here is a link to some Meditations for Alcoholics…The Twenty Four Hours A Day book is very good. While it is not categorized as a Catholic Book…the 12-Step program is based on the Spiritual exercises of St Ignatius and Bill Wilson one of the founders of AA had Fulton Sheen as his spiritual director. These meditations can apply to any area in our life not just alcoholics working their recovery program.


Great site. I’m sure that I’ll incorporate much wisdom from it. Again, thanks for the recommendation.


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