Input on these scenarios?

what are your perspectives on the following scenarios?

visiting boyfriend/girlfriend who lives a long distance away. would staying at the family’s house be appropriate? parents, would you allow this? or make them stay in a hotel or something?

travelling with boyfriend/gijrlfriend? would it be ok if you got separate hotel rooms? or better to go with parents/group of friends? that way the boys and girls can share? and there’s more people around?

university dorms/roommates? would opposite sex roommates be ok? for example, a hallway with separate rooms and a bathroom for the girls and one for the boys. or a house where you have several other people and separate rooms.

I realize many of these situations would have been unthinkable in the past or else not even very feasible.

but it’s an unfortunate reality that sin has destroyed us to the point where this can be problematic. anyways, just wondering

  1. He should have accommodations that a Holy adult male could get. I would not have him stay at the house.
  2. It is better to go with a group, but if no group is available then, yes, separate rooms. is a must.
  3. No, not ok.
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