Were pagans killed in the Inquisition? If so, by whom? Please provide reliable evidence!


Yes pagans were killed in the inquizition. What are you getting at? It was mostly done by local authorities where the trials were held.
I dont know what you mean by relyable evidence, there is really two versions of the story, the Protestants say the Church went on a killing spree murdering tens of millions, the Church says a few thousand were put to death over the course of a few hundred years in different areas and that the Protestant version is unrealistic numbers and a smear tactic.
Pick who you want to believe.

If you are Catholic and some Prot is going at you with this old Anti-Catholic attack then give us more detail so we can help you.


[quote=Fieryjades]Were pagans killed in the Inquisition? If so, by whom? Please provide reliable evidence!

Why do you ask?


Actually, I don’t know that openly practicing Pagans would have fallen under the jurisdiction of any of the Inquisitions. The Inquisition is an internal tool, not to be used against non-Catholics. If the Pagans in question were PRETENDING to be Catholic while practicing paganism, similar to how some Jews were doing in Spain, then they would have come under the Inquisition’s authority.

The Inquisition is 110% internal. Even by its own internal logic it can’t be applied to non-Catholics. What on Earth could you put them on trial for? What would be the point in putting an open Pagan, who openly renounces the Church, who may not have ever even been a member, on trial for heresy? To be a heretic you have to be Catholic first. You’re likely thinking of the brutal suppresion of non-Catholics by secular Catholic governments, which has indeed been…disturbing at times. Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Dracula, is one example of such treatment. His impaling of Muslims is the stuff of legend.


If there were inquisitions now, Kerry would probably be submitted to the fire but not Michael Schiavo or Greer


If there were inquisitions now, Kerry would probably be submitted to the fire but not Michael Schiavo or Greer

That is the case, yes.


If you’re asking about the neopagan legend of “millions” of their spiritual forebears being killed by both Catholic & Protestants–the so-called “burning times”, this is just that–a legend.
The modern neopagan movement began in England in the 20th century, with a man named Gerald Gardner. Gardner & co. invented a lot of stories about how “oppressed” they had been. The only problem was that “they” had not been around (as a group/religion) to be oppressed (until the 1920s & 1930s).
This is not to say that there were no problems at all; like everybody, everywhere, all through history, the Middle Ages had its oddballs, villains, & heroes. They just weren’t practicing a so-called “old religion”.
Try reading up on Gardner, as well as Alex Sanders, GG’s rival in the world of “witchcraft”. They admit to inventing their “religion” out of whole cloth. Unfortunately, there are still people who believe their stories…But even most modern pagans will now admit to making up their own religions. The ones who don’t talk about “psychic revelations” & “channelings”.
:eek: OK, now I need :rolleyes: protection from :whacky: people who :stuck_out_tongue: dance naked by the light of the moon…:whistle: They can do that if they want to–& if they don’t freeze their #@*&**. Just don’t let them blacken the history of Christianity in the process!!


Yes, the above post is tough on “pagans”. When they stop inventing stories about “evil Christian persecutors”, I promise to apologize…
I happen to have been connned by these people once too often when I was young & foolish. I haven’t really forgiven them yet. (:twocents: :twocents: ).


Yes, a Wiccan friend of mine, has been saying that we Christians murdered millions of pagans because they wouldn’t be converted and believed in the Goddess. He bring this (among other anti-Christian things) up every time we talk.

Where can I find works by Gardner?

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Here is Catholic Answer’s section on the Inquisition:

Ghosty is right. The inquisitions were for heretics (Christians who teach error), not heathens (non-Christians). This isn’t to say that heathens were never pestered by Catholics, simply that such persecution did not fall under the inquistions. It is important also to note that there was no such thing as a capital “I” inquistion as if there was this centralized secret police like the KGB. For an unbiased history of the inquisitions, read Edward Peters The Inquisition.



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