"Inside Job" documentary on banking rip-off

Do you think Jesus might be called upon to overturn the tables of the modern money changers? I found out via the banking fiasco documentary “Inside Job” that companies were selling securities to saps they were secretly shorting, i.e., voting against as knowing the triple-A ratings were bogus and they were [excrement deleted] as one insider’s email stated. It will take a miracle to get these entrenched maniacs out of power as Washington, D.C. is thick with lavishly-endowed lobbyists for the financial scam industry. Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd, please save us from the wolves in investment banker’s clothing who are engineering the bankruptcy of whole nations and leaving blight and poverty in their wake. Grant us Your abundant life, all for Your honor and glory; and bring reparation from the guilty. Amen


Here’s Gibson-Dunn’s overview of the DOJ’s efforts to stem corruption, generally with deals that result in meager fines compared to the looting by perps. Gibson-Dunn defends corporate clients so this is the briefing their “innocent until proven guilty” customers would receive. I’m guessing Gibson-Dunn’s fees are only slightly less than the fines levied by the Department of Justice.

It’s the bad guys versus the worse guys. “Inside Job” director Ferguson is a lifelong member of the Council on Foreign Relations, having previously misdirected attention away from the serious issues of the Iraq war in film created at the behest of major players in what Eisenhower described as the “Military Industrial Complex.” No wonder Ferguson got George Soros to appear in a rather grandfatherly cameo describing deregulation as removal of watertight bulkheads in ships. Heaven, help us.

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