Inside Planned Parenthood's $30 Million Ground War to Stop Trump-Pence

Planned Parenthood is mounting one of the largest door-to-door field campaigns of the 2016 election, working to persuade millions of voters to defeat the extremist, anti-abortion ticket of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Its army of hundreds of paid staff and thousands of volunteers could tip the balance in as many as half-a-dozen swing states, where the Trump campaign barely counts field offices, much less a sophisticated ground game.

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I debated whether or not to post this, because it’s extremely and infuriatingly biased, but it does contain some interesting information.

It reads like it was written by Planned Parenthood themselves, but it’s masquerading as a news article, so I hope it’s okay to post it.

( – In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Which political party oppresses women?
Which political party oppresses black people?
Hillary Clinton cares about children?

The little eyeroll emoji exploded when I tried to put it here. It just wasn’t big enough.

Remember David Daleiden.

I’m working in Ohio for a prolife superpac created by the members of the Susan B. Anthony List. We distribute door-to-door flyers against Hillary and abortion-supporting Senate candidates. One day I ran into a Planned Parenthood canvasser who was on my same route distributing flyers that were the direct opposite of mine, opposing Trump and prolife Senate candidates. Pic here.

She said Planned Parenthood pays her $15 an hour for door to door work. I only get $10 an hour. Pray for our efforts to have a greater impact than theirs. I’ll tell you this: we’ve got 30 people on our team locally, and I’ve randomly run into members of my own team twice, whereas I’ve only run into a PP canvasser once. Moreover, I see much more fruit from our campaign than I see from theirs. If I’m on a follow-up visit after one of my team has been there, the people I talk to say they plan to vote prolife. I see the flyers of my team on the doors of houses we’ve visited. I have yet to see the PP team’s materials, except when the PP girl showed them to me.

Side note: after taking a picture with her, we parted ways. In a few minutes, I heard her call out to me so I turned around to see her running in my direction. She asked if she could have some prolife literature because, in her words, “I don’t believe in half this stuff anyway, I’m doing it for the money.” I let her know that our group is hiring, and I’ve prayed for her since then. Do ye likewise, for the sake of her soul!

There are not enough eye roll or horrified emojis to underscore what lies ahead for the US if HC becomes out president!:(:mad:

That is an inspiring and hopeful story. :thumbsup:

And remember California’s move to make investigative reporting into Planned Parenthood illegal.

Yes, PP is very good at covering its behind and presenting its propaganda front as the truth.

Any organization that wantonly kills and dismembers human babies, and sells their parts will not blink an eye at completely destroying any person who tries to oppose it.

Why anyone would advocate giving that green-eyed ($$$) Ba’al more political power by electing politicians that worship before its altars is completely beyond all power of comprehension. Ugh! :mad:

A critical question that never seems to be asked is how does a non-profit organization come up with a staggering $30 million to fritter away on propaganda and political influence (to say nothing of the staggering amounts it donates to Democratic candidates) when it is supposedly completely and solely devoted to the cause of “women’s health?”

Fantastic story, D.! I really, really like that. Made my day, in fact. :slight_smile:

I think the answer is that eugenicists tend to have extremely deep pockets, and they like to stay safely hidden in the shadows while pulling the puppet strings of their pets.

I think Trump is doing a pretty good job in stopping himself and don’t need any help from Planned Parenthood.

? Who is this?

He exposed the nefarious and evil acts of PP last year with a series of videos.:frowning:

Oh thanks. Now I know who he is. Trump/Pence against Planned Parenthood and MSM and Clinton machine. An uphill battle.

Republican policies are demonstrably harmful to women’s health, so an organization devoted to women’s health will support Democratic candidates.

Why do you think that?

Planned Parenthood’s Pap smears, breast exams and prenatal services have declined year on year from 2008 or 2009 to 2015:

What could be the reason for this?

Any examples?

The fact that you can imagine a reason for this statistic does not mean your reason is correct.


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