Inside Rudy Giuliani's attempt to sow chaos on behalf of Trump and steal the election

Gotta love when a fact is considered “inflammatory”. :wink:

Titles such as the original fact are clickbait and designed to start a row. Giuliani’s involvement in this whole drama has not been the most dignified moment of his political life but the original thread heading was not especially aimed at constructive dialogue regarding that. If you have an issue with me editing it take it up with the moderators. Muting thread now.


Slate Magazine and CNN? I have no interest in what they have to say about anything.


The pictures themselves - Giuliani melting down - are sufficient unto themselves.

I watched most of the press conference and never saw it. I did see him wiping his face with a white handkerchief.

Trump isn’t stealing the election if he already won it in the first place? This whole thing is a mess and it has NOT been decided yet, despite the MSM wishing it otherwise. I say, for our collective sanity, we take a pause from uploading a new article every time there is a micro-development, and just wait for this mess to be sorted out by the Supreme Court. And THEN we can talk.


Its silly to wait for the Supreme Court because there is no guarantee any election disagreement will make it to SCOTUS. At present the confusion involves state law, so there must be a federal constitutional issue for SCOTUS to put an oar in.


That’s not what the voters said.


It’s premature to be saying that. It’s not over until it’s over.

Jay Sekulow- where is he?

It has been decided. Trump lost to Biden. It is done.


One can always hold out hope that Sidney Powell can prove in court, not at a news conference, that the Democrats used a particular type of technology to switch hundreds of thousands of votes. One can also hold out hope to win Powerball and have greater odds.

You’re right that it isn’t over yet, but I don’t see anything that will change it. Better to spend time or donating money to help Purdue and Loeffler win in Georgia. That’s where the battle is now.


Totally agree. There have been other questionable elections,

We can kick the can down the road and see this again in 2024 and 2028.

Scott Walker a few years ago, when Al Franken came to office.

Absolutely so. The media does not certify the winner.

Yeah! He is noticeably silent/absent.

There is a common sense middle ground between blind belief without evidence that the election was stolen and the equally blind belief that Trump is going to steal the election through the courts or state legislatures.

Like him or not, Ben Shapiro lays it out.

You should not make statements that people are being blind to that. We aren’t and that’s a bit insulting.

Biden has not been certified yet, we have up until December 12th. No one is being “blind”.

100,000 Republicans in #Pennsylvania showed up to vote and were told they were “ineligible because someone else had cast the vote on their behalf via mail!”

Just one of many instances that are out there.

I saw what is being taken to the Court besides Affadavits. Our country might as well deal with it.

Voters should not be disenfranchised.

They have their arguments and will take them to court before the certification date.

Let alone, that server was seizes by the military in Germany.

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But there are people who are involved in blind belief in both sides. If that’s not you, okay.

I have defended strongly the right of the president to seek legal recourse. The left is promoting a ridiculous premise that he is undermining democracy. That’s simply blind, too.

Saying there are illegal votes at a press conference is nothing. Proof in court is everything.

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Jon, do I sense a change in attitude from you?

By the way, I think there is a lot of “blind belief without evidence that the election was stolen” and “equally blind belief that Trump is going to steal the election through the courts or state legislatures” in real life and on CAF.

I’ll admit the evidence leads me to think Trump is trying to steal the election through the courts. I think his narcissism is driving that. He almost can’t help himself.


That bit of creative misinformation was debunked days ago. Please try to keep up.

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