Inside the Beltway: Stripping down for Obamacare


From The Washington Times:Attractive women wearing nothing but a smile and flesh-colored underwear emblazoned with the motto “Are You Covered?” strolled the most popular shopping areas of Denver in the name of the Affordable Care Act this week. Oh, and there were blondes in the shortest of short shorts plus muscular young men in gray flannel boxers — and that is all — also on parade. They sported beribboned signs reading “Without health insurance, you’re exposed.”

The earnest models were handing out information to startled passers-by, hired by Colorado HealthOP, a nonprofit insurance company eager to get the message about the new health care law to the public. Some of the locals were not impressed.

“So now we have to dress like Miley Cyrus to sell Obamacare?” asked Kelly Maher, a politically inclined Denver mother, who took her multiple protests to Twitter.
Pictures of the people stripped down to sell Obamacare can be seen at the Daily Mail.


Also see this at Colorado Peak Politics: PeakFeed: Obamacare Proponents Go Full Miley Cyrus

This is really, really confusing (not really).

I thought everybody except for extremist right wing tea partiers (the latest far-left term is “teahadists”) LOVED Obamacare. I thought the country, at large, was thrilled and eagerly anticipating it. I thought that America was begging for Obamacare…

So if that’s the case, why are thousands of “Navigators” being hired to do door-to-door sales of this scheme? Why all the celebrity PSAs? Why the Miley Cyrus wannabes doing the “sl*ts for Obamacare” street theater?

I started a thread over in Social Justice called: Poll: Have any of you actually signed up for Obamacare through the Exchanges? Out of 18 responses and 463 views, there has been exactly ONE person who has owned up to signing up for it. So despite everybody screaming “AMERICA WANTS OBAMACARE” and “What, do you want people to die?” type comments that have been going on for the last three years, there has only been ONE person out of all the thousands who post on CAF who has signed up??

You’ve got to be kidding me…


This is a shame. Glad they don’t do this here in COS.


The media has besieged us with a positive spin on Obamacare and even downright lies about it. We will continue to see headlines claiming premiums are lower than expected, people are flocking to sign up, and that people embrace Obamacare.

The main thrust of the new law was to get the uninsured insured. This was trumpeted far and wide. However if one is uninsured because they cannot afford insurance, why would they sign up to pay a premium of $100-500 per month? Sure, some who will get near 100% subsidy will sign up, but the ability to provide that subsidy depends on people who will pay though the nose signing up.

It was also trumpeted that ACA is “for the poor”, but what do the subsidy calculators tell us about people at or below 100% of the poverty level? They say “You are not eligible for a subsidy. Please apply to your State Medicaid Dept.” Most State Medicaid plans require advanced age and/or severe disability to be eligible. If the States do take in new Medicaid participants just based on poverty, where will that money come from?

I know people who have cut off their cable to save $70 mth, and who are thrifty with heat and AC to save less than $100 mth. It is unlikely such people will gladly fork over $100-500 mth for insurance premiums. It’s not even a tangible product.

Obama does not understand this of course. He is a silver spoon kid, and as an only child, undoubtedly was raised as a spoiled brat.


More likely than not, back in pagan Rome the caesars had scantily clad young people going around, perhaps carrying a demo loaf of bread and a sign asking “Have you had your bread and circus yet?”

So, with a pagan adminstration like our own, one is not surprised by this demonstration. One is only surprised that the roving food stamp signer-uppers aren’t similarly attired.

Well, and maybe eventually they’ll have similar people out touting Planned Parenthood, with signage to match the message.


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