Inside the Ring: memo outlines Obama's plan to use the military against citizens


Defense analysts say there has been a buildup of military units within non-security-related federal agencies, notably the creation of Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams. The buildup has raised questions about whether the Obama administration is undermining civil liberties under the guise of counterterrorism and counternarcotics efforts.

Other agencies with SWAT teams reportedly include the Department of Agriculture, the Railroad Retirement Board, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Education Department.

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Yes, this was news back in the 50s when Ike first wrote the book on the use of the military against US citizens during times of a national emergency.


I find this to be concerning and while I can understand why martial law might need to be enacted in certain disasters, I fear that it has the potential for abuse. I fear that if our government becomes more authoritarian that this could be used against political enemies as an example.


Right, I think this became front and center here again with 911, as DC was indeed susceptable. So in effect its not really a us against them, unless we are indeed considered the terrorists by some reason where Marshall law is applied.

I don’t know, this is one those points that can easily escalate to conspiracy theory, Fema camps, trains and so forth.


Yes it could escalate, but as far as I can tell this memo really isn’t any different than what previous administrations put out. Heck, I’m sure buried somewhere within the DoD are plans for invading or defending the US from an invasion from Canada. These types of memos, reports, plans, etc are the “I hope to God we never have to use it, but we better having something put together in case we need to use it so we aren’t pulling ideas out of our fourth point of contact in the middle of a national emergency” part of responsible government.




Maybe it’s time for the American people to formulate a contingency plan to defend themselves against the current government and it’s military and police, with of course the stipulation that we hope we never ever have to use it.


Seamus: There is such a plan. It is embodied in the Second Amendment to the Constitution. I do not wish to jump to conclusions but I too am concerned about what appears to be the militarization of non-military governmental organizations with what seems to be an inordinate supply of arms and ammunition. I recall a 2009 statement of concern by our Homeland Security Agency for potential domestic terrorism coming from the ranks of such as religious groups opposed to abortion, returning veterans, gun owners concerned about constitutional rights and so on. These remarks provoked a bit of a furor and were dropped from further mention, as I recall. I am not convinced there is a conspiracy by the current administration to overturn this constitutional republic but I do see a troubling trend including an insatiable appetite for power and control by those who see government as a surrogate for God on earth, and a population that is becoming less and less self-reliant and more and more dependent on the government. In the inner-cities, the potential for chaos in a national emergency is not unthinkable. Perhaps, this is part of the rationale for all this militarization. Whatever the truth about it, we are not heading toward a good place.


Read the publicly available literature published by the military. Civil unrest scenarios are clearly laid out. This nonsense has got to end. Facts are available.

And then what happens to the citizens? Anybody? Killed, sent to labor camps? That is one thing that irritates me about the internet. A thread starts that suggests we “should be afraid.” They are not going to start rounding people and doing whatever. There are target lists. Watch lists.

I’d be more worried about a tax increase. Dead or incarcerated citizens would not buy stuff or pay taxes. Hurting the only thing that matters: the economy.



I for one am not afraid, and I thank EdWest and OldCatholic Guy for their voices of reason versus hysteria. Sheesh people! It is partially because of the conspiracy theorist that the government needs to have plans to protect those of us just minding our own business. It was during the Bush administration that a list of groups that bore watching due to radical ideation. That was one of the things from that administration that I admired - anticipatory thinking. One of them of course, was conservative groups, and conservative Christians. BECAUSE - we, as others, have our looney-goon fringe. Stop it already.


Ed, I am sorry but I am not understanding what you are saying? Are you saying that fear of abuse of this is unjustified? Perhaps it is unjustified and I am sorry if what I said is unjustified. I have a tendency to be paranoid sometimes. :blush:


Exactly, when certain groups start marking a tendency to run around in military uniforms, hoard weapons, and talk about staging a rebellion-I would hope that the government would have a plan to deal with such people.

There have been contingencies for everything the government could possibly anticipate.


I see where you’re coming from, but can you imagine a scenario in which the ruler in government - whose livelihood and power is dependent on taxes - might act against a group of people it though were succeeding in reforming our system so that it isn’t all about taxes and buying stuff?



No problem. Without going into great detail, such information is publicly released so that ‘the bad guys’ know we are increasing our security at places where terrorists may poison, destroy, contaminate or harm our infrastructure. It makes sense. They (usually) don’t have satellites, bomber fleets and cruise missiles (although that scenario’s been discussed). If they can blow up something, for example, the electrical grid goes down in a few states, and so on. I miss the days when the news was the facts, not just a bunch of guys with obvious agendas. But you can’t make money with that today.

Anything can be abused, but think about it. If your neighbors get hauled away in a military vehicle, for no apparent reason, that would be a cause for concern. Wholesale martial law requires certain things to happen first. We’ve got a lot of heavily armed citizens out there with fully automatic weapons and tons of bullets. And thanks to conspiracy sites, we’re all going to be disarmed, round up and then what? Who drives the trucks, stocks the shelves or delivers gas to your local gas station?

It would hurt the economy and make citizens angry.



I’ve seen small town police forces decked out in battle gear more impressive than the GI’s on Iwo Jima. Oh but they have to be prepared for Armageddon every time they step out the door. So what would they have wanted during the 68 Democratic convention riots, nuclear weapons ?


I was there for that. A bunch of radicals. First, threat scenarios are planned, intelligence is gathered, and then, maybe, you send in a proportional or larger force. 1968 was the turning point for American society to start heading into the pit. And Vietnam, despite our amazing firepower, was seeing its end back then. That year. Sad.

They (meaning the FBI and CIA) did a great job dismantling the worst groups back then. In 1969, the Weathermen, later, the Weather Underground, was doing their best, along with some members of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), but that didn’t work out. Radicals planning violence will always be with us.



They (meaning the FBI and CIA) did a great job dismantling the worst groups back then. In 1969, the Weathermen, later, the Weather Underground, was doing their best, along with some members of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), but that didn’t work out. Radicals planning violence will always be with us.

And maybe they did a great job on JFK and MLK and RFK and…:slight_smile:
Padre Pio’s “weapon” is invincible: the Rosary; paired with the shield of the brown Scapular of Mt. Carmel, a sure thing. There can be no other “contingency plan” by the populace, Catholics. Sorry.:frowning:


Please list this “battle gear” and please indicate if such “battle gear” was available for usage by “the GI’s on Iwo Jima.”


Good article on the militarization of small toen police force:


Oh, I think Catholic moral teaching allows for a just war, Jerussia. And if it does, then it certainly allows for a preparation for war, military, guns, etc.


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