Inside the world of UK Muslim women

A major survey shows most want to marry their soulmates and enjoy high street fashion, while keeping a delicate balance with their Islamic values

Looks like they won’t admit their role in the plot to enslave Brits by breeding for victory.

Okay this is a new one. Which Muslims want to enslave British people so that they can breed with them? :stuck_out_tongue:

I read the article. It doesn’t say anything that surprises me. I am sure that most Muslim women are decent people who just want to practice their religion and live peacefully.

Its the fanatics of any belief system that worry me.

Kaninchen, dang it how can you be so so so …reasonable. Don’t you know the Muslims and their brethren the Plumbers of Poland (POP) want to assimilate us into one homogenous mass :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I wonder if the PVP will make us all carry plungers around.:slight_smile:

I have to tell Randall Parker about this. I thank you for the infomation about UK Muslim women.

Oh, everything is part of the Vast Polish Plumbers’ Conspiracy!

Meanwhile, these Muslim women are going around being terribly, boringly ordinary!

Don’t blame the muslims if they are dedicated to their children in ways we christians are not.

Bringing a child in this world, regardless by whom, is a wonder of love.

I don’t think that Kani(sorry I forgot how to spell the OP’s name:blush: ) was saying anything against Muslim mothers or their dedication to their children.

I think that most mothers, regardless of their religion, love their kids and are dedicated to them.

I wasn’t blaming Muslim women for anything at all.

There is something of a background to this that you might not appreciate.

We often get threads here about how Europe is about to be taken over by Muslims either immigrants or because Muslims, supposedly, breed like rabbits.

This is nonsense as a few of us keep pointing out but many of, shall we say, the more politically conservative here are wedded to the concept.

The article I posted was about a survey that showed that the UK’s Muslim women, rather than being part of some great plot to impose Sharia or whatever, are really rather ordinary British women. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a rather ordinary British woman.

It’s just German for ‘rabbit’. :slight_smile:

Kaninchen’s last post explains her reason for the original post and also why my earlier post in the thread is in a humorous vein as there is indeed some heftly slices of anti-Muslim thinking trotted out to show their wares around the yard on this forum I’ve noticed. Quite often by posters who one suspects have never lived in Britain or any other European country.

My family are immigrants, so is my wife. We have no sneaking desire to take over Britain. We are quite happy just so long as we earn our living and we too are ‘boringly ordinary’:slight_smile:

We are in agreement. My post was somewhat sarcastic. Because those conservatives who think the muslim are in a race to outbreed us often overlook the fact that they themselves are barely breeding if breeding at all - and then they gasp at the prospect of another culture ‘outbreeding them’.

Quebec province in Canada is a prime example; they’re afraid of disapearing, of loosing their culture and heritage, and they cry over it all the time YET - they have the lowest birth rate in North America. How do they expect to preserve their heritage if they have no one amongst them that they can hand over their heritage to?! They want the immigrants (muslims included of course) to deny completely their own heritage and have them adopt their own which of course is complete unreasonable and idiotic.

I am pretty conservative myself but I certainly don’t have the knee jerk distrust of Muslims that some have.

I think that moderate Muslims and Christians probably share a lot of the same concerns about the world around them.

Of course, the dev, errr… Conspiracist’s Advocate would merely respond:

Well there is no point in surveying the muslim WOMEN. Islam merely enslaves women to the wishes and directives of their husbands. If there is a nefarious conspiracy, you need to go and look for it among the MEN! :wink:

Not that I believe in such a thought out, evil plan, mind you!

In the end, conflicts among cultures often are based on conflicting values rather than malicious intent. To label all concern about apparent cultural value conflicts as “paranoia and conspiracy theory” is to make as serious a misjudgement as the conspiracy theorists…

Is what we see mainly/partly/incidentally ‘concern about apparent cultural value conflicts’ or are these expressed ‘concerns’ actually, for want of a better word, ‘decoration’?

It doesn’t exactly take a lot to get a ‘Pavlovian’ ‘Muslim ate my hamster!’ response on this board.

No it does not and there are some frankly idiotic posts from both Muslims and Christians that make me feel like I am impacting my cranium on a surface made of stone at high speed consistently.

There certainly are genuine culture clashes in the UK which have not grown us as part of a plan but have occurred organically as differing cultures have encountered each other. That’s a point I’d be more than willing to concede as it doesn’t assume that one culture is superior and to be frank with regards to the Muslim bashing here (and Christian bashing too…) I sometimes suspect the hidden (or not so hidden) agenda is to show the superiorty of one group over another culturually. Some of the more er, confrontational posters have come right out with that opinion in any case.

Yikes! My hamster went missing in 1976! I had no idea this crisis went so far back in time. :smiley:

I have no immediate fear that Sharia will be imposed on me. However, Sharia DOES exist and I DO happen to believe it is a vastly inferior worldview to mine. Which is why I keep my faith and don’t adopt theirs!

That said, I see the majority of those from MY faith tradition falling for the siren song of greed, selfishness and relativism. Since I believe Islam to be incorrect, I see no reason to fear they will somehow be more resistant to its decay than we have been… Evidence for that is plentiful in the wealthy class of the middle east.

I am glad that this thread was started. I am often annoyed at the rudeness that is shown on some threads dealing with Muslims.

I wonder if part of the problem-at least here in America-is our media. There seems to be a tendency to show any western religion as being repressive and superstitious. But Islam gets a double whammy because it is unusual to many people. Most of us aren’t familiar with the differences between the extremes of Islam and the way moderate Muslims practice their religion.

If I went by the news reports alone to form my opinion on Muslims, I would think that all Muslim women were in danger of being killed by the majority of Muslim men.:eek:

I think the most significant thing will be how Islam and Muslim life develop in the West over time.

Inevitably, the the media loves the snarling: ‘I killed my daughter because she behaved like a whore showing her eyebrows to men’ (or whatever) Muslim male, or the ‘instant riot in Pakistan over the price of lettuce’ (or whatever) with hordes of unemployed/underemployed young men racing about screaming about Jews and Americans denying Muslims their lettuce rights.

The thing is that when you’ve got nothing but your honor, you tend to put huge value on it and take it out and polish it a lot. After centuries of sitting around ruminating about their honor and how they are so proud about it, it’s not that surprising that some Muslim men are having a bit of a hard time coming to terms with the West and the fact that, not only doesn’t the rest of the world share their honor codes, it fully intends to put them in prison for a long time if they decide to act on certain aspects of them.

I thought that the article was interesting because it showed that UK Muslim women, while valuing their honor and their codes, were putting them in a Western context.

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