Inspiration and Authorship of Scripture


How would you justify both the human and divine authorship of scripture (especially in relation to Dei Verbum chapter 3)?

What place is there for a meaning beyond the historical and literal sense?


The divine authorship relates to the truth God wants to impart in the writings. The human author used the literary form which he or she thought would be best for expressing that truth. Saying that a particular story in the scriptures is a poem, legend, myth, allegory, etc does not comment on the truth of the story at all; it merely names the literary form. That is what *Dei Verbum *talks about in Cahpter 3, Section 12.

There is a thorough discussion on divine authorship and inspiration in the book “Biblical Fundamentalism: what Every Catholic Should Know” by Fr. Ronald Witherup (available very cheaply from many online booksellers).


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