So I’m a musician and I’ve been writing songs and playing acoustic guitar for a couple years and just this week I re-found my love for playing bass guitar. Now I was randomly looking through videos on youtube and I found this girl who’s a drummer. She’s christian and everytime I watch one of her videos it inspires me beyond belief, even in regards to worshiping God (I don’t know why). But anyways, here’s a link, let me know what you think:

shes good with those sticks:p

and cute too:D

Thanks for the link…just showed it to my 10 y.o. daughter who is a begining drummer. She liked it very much.

No problem! You should check out all of her videos, she’s a great way to make you want to get better at whatever instrument you play! Also check out Luke Holland:

(Ignore the intro. lol)

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