Inspirational books to read for despair

Can anyone recommend some books to read or lives
of certain saints to read that suffered from despair/depression.
It comes and goes, but for most of my life I have felt this inexplicable,
heavy "black cloud" hanging over me that keeps me down
no matter what i do. I have had some traumatic experiences which I'm
sure have played a role and I have had therapy and medications
on and off but it still persists. I'm trying to cope with the doom and
gloom feeling and maybe hearing about saints or others who have
dealt with similar situations would help.

You are most likely suffering from desolaton, not despair. Despair is a sin against hope, whereby man ceases to hope for his personal salvation from God. Desolation is a journey to consolation where we are really "in tune" with God. I am currently going through the same thing. And it is tough. It's difficult to pray, when praying time drags. If I sit down to read the Bible for 20 minutes, you will feel that 5 minutes is 20.

I just finished reading "I Loved Jesus in the Night", by Paul Murray, a Dominican. It is a personal story of Mother Teresa who suffered for years with desolation.

Also check out St. Ignatius Loyola rules. It is a great resource.

You are not alone, many lay, priests, nuns, seminarians all go through this.

The Imitation Of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. Great one to life your spirits. :thumbsup:

"The Promise", by Fr.Jonathan Morris. He has some very good insight about these matters and is very easy to read and comprehend.

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